The Coptic Community Sydney Protest


The Coptic Community Sydney ProtestMartin Place Amphitheatre, Sydney.

Saturday 21 May 2011
Start time:           11 am
Finishing Time:    3 pm.

We encourage Copts of all ages, Australians, ethic groups an Christians from all denominations to come and support this important human rights cause

This protest  has been arranged for the following reasons:

1. In support of the 40,000 Coptic brothers and  sisters currently protesting in Mespero Cairo Egypt.
2. Against the ongoing and increasing movement of kidnapping, rape and forced conversions of our teenaged girls, women and children.
3. Human rights violations against Copts due to unjust arrest and imprisonment of innocent Copts and
4. 40 years of ongoing attacks on our churches, monasteries,  and the Christian faith .
5. Attacks and threats made against our father His Holiness Pope Shenouda III

Hanan Ghabour
On behalf of the Organizing
Protest Committee for 21 May 2011

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