NSW State Legislative Councils calls to end Coptic Persecution in Egypt


The NSW Legislative Council has supported a motion recognising the ongoing persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt and calling on the Government to make immediate representations to the United Nations.



This follows the House of Representatives clear endorsement of a historic private member’s bill by Mr Craig Kelly MP, Liberal Federal Member for Hughes, on 13 October 2011, addressing the ongoing persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt.

On 14 October 2011, the Reverend the Hon. Fred Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, moved the following in the NSW Legislative Council:

That this House:
(a) recognises that Coptic Christians in Egypt are suffering ongoing and increasing persecution,
(b) condemns the recent attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt,
(c) expresses its sympathy for Coptic Christians who have been victims of recent attacks in Egypt, and
(d) calls on the Government to:

(i) issue a public statement condemning the ongoing attacks against the Coptic Christian minority in Egypt,
(ii) make immediate representations to the United Nations to end the persecution of Coptic Christians in Egypt,
(iii) strongly urge the Egyptian Government to provide equal rights and protections for all Egyptian citizens regardless of race or religion.

Although the motion received unanimous support from the members of the NSW Legislative Council, it is only the first step towards ending the persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt. One particular passage, during the morning’s proceedings, stressed the seriousness of the situation in Egypt:

A number of organisations have issued statements about the events of last Sunday. Amnesty International issued a statement under the headline, “Egyptian army must answer for a deadly toll at Coptic protest”. After deadly protests in Cairo on Sunday left at least 25 dead, Amnesty International said: Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) must urgently explain how a protest against religious discrimination turned into a bloodbath. More than 200 people—including many protesters and reportedly members of the security forces—were also wounded in the incident, the worst violence Egypt has seen since former President Hosni Mubarak stepped down in February. Video footage showed military vehicles running over protesters while driving through crowded streets. This motion’s endorsement sends a clear message to the Egyptian caretaker Government that Australia does not and will not stand by in silence, whilst innocent Christians are being persecuted for their faith.

The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) thanks the Reverend the Hon. Fred Nile for voicing the concerns of Australian Coptic Christians and for bringing the plight of the persecuted Christian minority of Egypt to the attention of the Australian Government. The ACM also thanks each member of the NSW Legislative Council, for passing the motion and upholding integrity. As a show of support, the ACM, in conjunction with the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney, will be holding a memorial service—Stand up for Egypt’s Copts—to remember the dozen of Coptic protestors who were killed by the Egyptian Military during the Maspero massacre on Black Sunday, 9 October 2011.

This special event will also commemorate the scores of other Copts massacred in other incidents throughout 2011 and recent decades. The ACM is pleased to announce that many senior politicians are expected to attend the event including cabinet ministers.

Details as follows: Sunday 23 October 2011
Time: 1.30 – 4.00 pmPlace: Belmore Park
(near Central Station)

For more details visit http://www.auscma.com/2011/10/14/stand-up-for-egypt%E2%80%99s-copts-memorial-service/

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