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ACM Statement regarding the Sydney Violence and inflammatory movie.




The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) is extremely disturbed at the anti-Coptic (and anti-Western) sentiments displayed during protests in Sydney on 15 September 2012, by some members of the Islamic community.

To date, there is speculation regarding the individuals involved with producing/directing the film.  Even if a Copt was involved (acting in their personal capacity), this should have no bearing on the Coptic community at large.

We reiterate the sentiment shared by Coptic community leaders and activists throughout the diaspora who have at all times blatantly condemned humiliation or violence against those who often persecute Christians.

“We refer to His Grace Bishop Serapion’s (California) statement of 13 September 2012 where he states: “It is not the Christian way to respond to hatred with hate. Christianity prohibits a Christian from such acts. Holistically blaming the Copts for the production of this movie is equivalent to holistically blaming Muslims for the actions of a few fanatics. Even though Christians often face persecution, injustice and calls for open attacks over the airwaves, we reject violence in all its forms”.
Anti-Coptic posters of our beloved late Pope His Holiness Pope Shenouda III that were displayed at the protest were particularly offensive to the Coptic community mourning his recent passing.

Anti-Coptic speech witnessed during the protest only serves to further propagate the message of intolerance and hate.   The ACM deeply regrets the offence caused to the Muslim community by the low-budget film.  It however, strongly condemns all violent actions of retaliation and in particular, the death of innocent diplomats and others who have paid a heavy price as a result of the inflammatory movie trailer.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association
Sydney, Australia

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