Media Release: The Coptic Orthodox Church of the Sydney Diocese & Its Affiliated Regions.


A statement made by Very Rev. Fr Tadros Simon on the 17th of September 2012.


Further to our statement made on Saturday 15th September 2012, in Arabic by the General Vicar of the diocese the Very Rev. Fr Tadros Simon; The Coptic Orthodox Sydney Diocese adamantly and vigorously denounces the newly released, infuriating film provoking hatred and humiliation toward Islam and all acts of violence against any religion, all symbols reflecting religious beliefs, and all persons identified with a particular faith-based allegiance.

We strongly condemn all unjustified violence or burning of the Holy Bible as a reaction by angry demonstrators protesting against the production of this inflammatory film. It is unfortunate that individuals who are appalled at the poor judgment of unethical filmmaking propaganda choose to profess disapproval by igniting violence, thus, further fuelling an extensive measure of discord against the Islamic faith. In reality, these methods of declaring objection serve only to further promote interest and curiosity in a film that is unworthy of time and merit because of its wounding and insensitive intentions.

Coptic Christians in the diaspora who make up more than 3 million have attained a reputable reputation and have continuously contributed positively wherever they may be found, either in Egypt or in their new found homes; and cannot be blamed for the actions of a few.

Furthermore, the Diocese distances itself from any comments that may have been made on its behalf on Australian media by individuals who only represent themselves or their association. The only representative of the Diocese is HG Bishop Daniel or in his absence the Very Rev Fr Tadros Simon or whom they may delegate; the diocese may be contacted by telephone on 9150 8422.

Noting that the Coptic community is strongly linked to the church and to the greatest part the church is their community.

In relation to the clarifications that some media outlets have requested about the involvement of Fr Zakaria Botros with the Coptic Church and his involvement in the film; the Diocese would like to clarify that it’s not aware of any evidence that he is involved in the making of the film. As for his links to the church, Fr Zakaria in 2003 has made a request to resign from his position as a Coptic Orthodox priest and the late His Holiness Pope Shenouda III accepted his request.

We remain in deep prayer for peace throughout the world.

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