Australian Copt to attempt a Guinness World Record for Longest DJ


The Copts have been renowned for accomplishing some remarkable achievements in both Egypt and  the diaspora abroad – medicine, politics, business, but breaking world records?

Australian Copt Joe Mekhael, who performs under the stage name DJ Smokin Joe, is about to  commence a world record breaking attempt for the longest DJ set being 7 days straight. Kicking off  at the Empire Hotel in Kings Cross at 4pm on Sunday, 16th December 2012, Joe will need to garner  both the mental and physical extremes to accomplish what will surely be a mentally exhausting fete.

Dubbed as ‘the most electrifying man in music’, Joe will no doubt inspire younger members of the Coptic community in illustrating to them you can achieve whatever you set your mind too, in any field in society today they wish to pursue.

“I’m proud of my Coptic heritage and this is a good chance to be a good role model for the kids” Joe replied when asked about whether his Coptic upbringing has influenced what he has become today.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association supports Joe for his determination and drive and wishes him every success in his music career which Joe has certainly appreciated.
“Your prayers and support will help me succeed”.

You can connect with Joe on his Facebook fan page by searching ‘Smokin Joe Mekhael’ or on his regular twitter feeds through #makeyourdreamsreality.

Joe will no doubt be a shining example to the younger artists in our community and discussions are currently underway to have such a talent become an ambassador for the Australian Coptic Movement Association which is committed to supporting talent and role models in our community.


Anthony Hanna
The Australian Coptic Movement Association

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