Constitution rejection landslide in Sydney, Australia


Sydney’s Egyptian Community have overwhelmingly backed a ‘No’ vote to Egypt’s proposed constitution, according to early unverified reports from the Embassy.


As per early reports, 84% of the vote rejected the proposed constitution. No official figures have yet been released on the overall turnout in the Sydney electorate.

The Australian Coptic Movement have always endorsed and supported a democratic Egypt which upholds the fundamental values fought for in the revolution of 25th January, 2011. The draft constitution, written by hardline Islamists and boycotted by liberals, civic groups and the Coptic Orthodox Church, is one that is clearly leaning towards narrowing Egypt to a future of religious theocratic law, dictated by the rules of Sharia.

It is therefore not a surprise that those whom live in a peaceful, free and truly democratic nation like Australia, would reject such a proposed constitution, which discriminates against religious minorities, women’s rights, human rights, civic movements and fundamental freedoms.

For the past month, Egypt has witnessed ongoing clashes between liberals and the Muslim Brotherhood, whom have backed President Morsi and his draft constitution. The Australian Coptic Movement continues to monitor the situation on the ground from Egypt and will continue in its advocacy against all forms of persecution.

We would like to thank all those in the community whom made the effort to vote and to assist in shaping a hopefully flowering future for Egypt.

Anthony Hanna

18 December 2012

The Australian Coptic Movement Association

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