Hon. Rev Fred Nile’s letter to the PM on situation in Egypt.


A letter written from the Hon. Rev Fred Nile to Australia’s PM, regarding the President’s decree in Egypt.


Hon J Gillard MP

Prime Minister of Australia

Parliament House

CANBERRA    ACT    2600


14th December 2012


Dear Miss Gillard


I write regarding the current, alarming situation in Egypt following the President’s decree giving himself sweeping powers which cannot be challenged in any Egyptian Court.

As you will be aware many secular Egyptians are very anxious about the direction their country seems to be heading politically, especially the minority Coptic community who have been the victims of increasing violence over the past couple of years.

I request you to stress to the Egyptian government your concerns about recent political events in Egypt, urging its leaders to set up a fully democratic political system to protect the interests and rights of minorities, especially the Coptic Christian minority.


Yours sincerely



Rev Hon Fred Nile MLC


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One Response to “Hon. Rev Fred Nile’s letter to the PM on situation in Egypt.”

  1. william twee says:

    Nice to be concerned about freedom in Egypt , bur what us here in australia , these peopleare hell bent on doing the same here,
    If you dont believe it, just look arounf the world, also the number of muslim in Australian politcs.

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