Hundreds turn out in Sydney to protest outside Egyptian Consulate

Anthony Hanna protest

Freedom, justice and democracy – these are the themes that brought approximately 500 people outside the Egyptian consulate in Sydney today in solidarity with Egyptians in Tahrir and around the world.

‘Down Down Morsi’ and ‘Human Rights in Egypt’ were some of the multitude of chants and opinions which met Consular officials demonstrating that whilst Egyptians may have left Egypt, they will still always be watching. Recent decrees by Egyptian President Mohammad Morsi and the rising violent crimes by his backed Muslim Brotherhood have seen a new kind of enemy post Mubarak.

Organized by Mr Sam Mansour of El Doustoor – Constitution – Party and supported by The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) and other associations, the rally saw Egyptians and non-Egyptians alike from all walks of life determined to make their voices heard that the regression and desperation brought about by the actions of the Egyptian Government will not be tolerated.

The ACMs endorsement of the rally is in line with its vision for Egypt to be a modern, civil and democratic society which will not be hijacked by religious fundamentalism. ACM’s spokesperson Peter Tadros addressed the crowd, describing the mob like behavior of the President’s militia on the streets of Egypt in attacking peaceful protestors.

Also present in the crowd were several other Egyptian – Australian based organisations, as well as the multitude of youth whom have recently arrived in Australia and were passionate about calls for the President’s immediate resignation and the implementation of freedom and democracy.

Recent events were sparked by President Morsi’s implementation of sweeping constitutional powers and constitution, which has been described as a ‘disaster’. The constitution does not represent the cultural, religious, ethnic, and political diversity of Egyptian society. Furthermore, the draft constitution failed to uphold the objectives of the January 25th Revolution and undermines the values of citizenship, equality, freedom, and human rights.

The constitution that has been drafted leaves the door wide open to the creation of a religious state, which poses severe challenges to rights and freedoms and this contradicts the initial objective of the Egyptian Revolution of the 25th January 2011 which called for freedom and social justice for all.

Anthony Hanna

The Australian Coptic Movement Association

Sydney, Australia

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  1. Sam Mansour says:

    Great support and cooperation from ACM..,
    Thank you so much guys.. You have been great.. Your love to Egypt is unlimited.. I am very proud of everyone of you.

  2. All Egyptians are one hand to democracy

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