A tribute to the beloved Father Misael El Antony


Father Misael El Antony passed away on 11th February 2013 at 56 years of age. We present this tribute.




“I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith” – 2 Tim 4:7

The Australian Coptic Movement Association are deeply saddened to hear of the departure of Fr Misael El Antony from this earth. We convey our deepest condolences to the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Sydney led by HG Bishop Daniel, the congregation of St Mary and St Sidhom Bishay Coptic Orthodox Church in Dural, Sydney and all who had the blessings of knowing this wonderful monk and servant.

Father Misael was a beloved monk and father, one known to always smile and be especially tender towards children. Below is a tribute written by a loving son of Fr Misael El Antony.

Monasticism was introduced by St Anthony the Great, and has become an unimaginable blessing to the sons and daughters of the Coptic Orthodox Church. HH Pope Shenouda III called these monks the ‘Earthly Angels’.

The youth and congregation of the Diocese of Sydney and affiliated regions, were blessed that HG Bishop Daniel requested that HG Bishop Yostos allow a group of ‘Antouny’ monk priests to come and serve in our diocese. They have grown the service and attracted the love of the youth and children towards the Church. This love is what made one person so special, the Very Reverend Fr Misael El Antony.

Fr Misael entered the monastery as young Helmy. He looked after a blessed monk known as Fr Tadros El Nagady, during which time he saw miracles with his own eyes and learned the attributed of a holy and pure life. On April 11, 1992 he was ordained a monk alongside a dear friend Fr Estafanous El Antony (also serving in Sydney). Soon after Fr Tadros was diagnosed with cancer and refused to be treated, he passed away in Fr Misael’s arms in the back of a car on the way to hospital.

Fr Misael arrived in Sydney in 2003, established a Church in the Hills area, and grew it to become a church of young families with children who knew nothing but Abouna’s love. He played with the children, visited the families and served the old. He was at hospitals waiting to hold babies only minutes after their birth, and was a father in confession to monks, priests and hundreds of lay people. He was proud to be a father to his newly ordained son Abouna Joshua Tadros, was a good brother to his beloved Fr Axios El Antony and all his brotherly monks, and was a true son to his father Abouna Bakhomious El Antony. In mid 2012, all of Sydney was shaken by the knowledge that Fr Misael had being diagnosed with cancer. Similar to Fr Tadros, Abouna Misael had been praying for some time for this heavenly disease, and he finally was given his wish in life. On the 11th February 2013, Fr Misael left this world and entered into paradise. Similar to Fr Tadros, he passed at a tender age of 56 years old and had refused to be treated for some time.

Today the heavens are rejoicing as a hero enters the gates of paradise, a legion of monks hold their heads up high in pride, and as a congregation struggles between having a mediator at the thrown of Christ and missing a father to speak to in times of need. We all gladly accept the will of God, and pray that Fr Misael remembers us always in the heavenly kingdom.

Please remember both the monks of St Antony the Great Monastery and the congregation of St Mary and St Sidhom Bishay (Sydney) in your prayers.


Written by a beloved son and member of the congregation of St Mary and Sidhom Bishay.


Details for the funeral of our Beloved Fr Misael are as follows:

Tuesday 12/02/2013

Vigil 7:00-10:00pm

Thursday 14/02/2013

6:00-8:00am Tasbeha

8:00-11:00am Holy Liturgy

11:00am Funeral prayers

All will take place @ St Mary & St Sidhom Beshay Coptic Orthodox Church, 444 Galston Rd, DURAL NSW 2158

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  1. herman says:

    The best cleric I have ever met. Kind, considerate and always smiling. He listened to me. He understood me. He talked to me even though our religions were different. Great man. A great loss to mankind.

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