Nominate ACM’s Medhat Attia for the 2013 Humanitarian Award!


Help us win recognition  not only for Medhat’s dedication to supporting Coptic refugees who seek to escape the persecution they face in their native homeland of Egypt, but also for the plight of the Copts as a whole so that we can recognise the struggles of the Coptic minority in Egypt who face daily hardships, discrimination and bloodshed

Nominations for the 2013 Humanitarian Awards recognise the contribution of individuals within society that assist recently arrived refugees. Medhat Attia is the volunteer refugee support officer for The Australian Coptic Movement Association and we have decided to launch a campaign to get Medhat recognised for his hard work which goes mostly unnoticed. By doing so, we can help forward the Coptic plight on a national stage so that we can gain increased Government support for Copts whom settle in Australia.

Medhat has been nominated under the Refugee community worker category. Born in Upper Egypt, Medhat arrived in Australia as young 20 year old. He left to escape persecution in Egypt and start a new life in Australia.

Not long after arriving in Australia he realised there was minimal support services to help refugees. Since 2000 Medhat has worked tirelessly assisting refugees and new migrants in the following areas:

  1. Assisting refugees with translation and interpretation when interviews are conducted with different organisations and institutions.
  2. Provide transportation for visitations with doctors, councilors, hospitals and other appointments.
  3. Assist with Medicare inquiries and applications.
  4. Assist with asylum seeker assistance from the Australian Red Cross.
  5. Find accommodation and assist delivering furniture when they settle .
  6. Assist with school applications for children of refugee families.
  7. Register for ESL (English as a second language) classes.
  8. Help them to integrate in the community and educate them on Australian values.


The 2013 STARTTS Humanitarian Awards are now open – nominate someone for their outstanding work with refugees!

The Humanitarian Awards are an opportunity to acknowledge, thank and promote the hard work and achievements of both individuals and organisations in various fields that play a substantial role in improving the lives of refugees. Nominations close in one month, so nominate Medhat Attia now to recognise the hard work of someone who is making an exceptional contribution to refugee issues.

Please click HERE and fill out the online nomination form and nominate for the category ‘Refugee Community Worker’. Your support will allow us to ensure that the plight of the Copts remains central to Australia’s migration intake policy and ensure we receive the proper resources to assist those whom escape hardship.

Thank you for your support!

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3 Responses to “Nominate ACM’s Medhat Attia for the 2013 Humanitarian Award!”

  1. Rosa says:

    Please I need some help in bringin a family to Australia , Father and his wife and 2 girls 15 and 16 that they have been attacked in Egypt and he is very worried about his girls and his despret to come to Melbourne , please help before the do something to their daughter. Please.

    • Admin says:

      Hi Rosa

      We have sent you an email to see if we can assist. We pray for the safety of your family.

  2. Mina Ghaly says:

    Medhat is very active and supportive to the coptic community in Australia

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