ACM Statement regarding the events of Khosus on Saturday 6th, April 2013







The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) condemns the ongoing attacks against Coptic Christians in Egypt. Yesterday’s violence in the district of Khosous is yet another one sided massacre of Copts. We reject the continuous labelling of these massacres of ‘sectarian strife’ or ‘religious violence’.

There are varying reports as to what triggered this massacre occurred however Coptic sources suggest that an argument broke out between a group youths and that local Muslims rallied up mobs to go and attack Copts. Police were present and failed to contain the violence.

What followed was a night of terror for all residents of this district of Khosous, just north of Cairo. Video footage shows that the district resembled a war zone as the Baptist church was torched as well as homes and businesses of Coptic Christians. Even a Coptic run orphanage was not spared in the raging violence that gripped the district.

Up to 8 Copts may have been killed. Most of them were killed by gunshot wounds although some of them have been reportedly burned to death. Most of the dead were young Coptic males. There are reports that a Muslim was also killed. The situation in the district of Khosous is so tense that that grieving Coptic families were unable to return to their houses and unable to bury their dead. Funeral services have taken place outside of the district according to the local Coptic priest who described scenes of war in the vicinity surrounding the districts main Coptic Orthodox Church which also came under attack.

Coptic Christians have been subject to mob violence for several decades however these attacks have escalated and now occur in almost every province of Egypt from Alexandria in the North to Aswan in South, Coptic Christians are being persecuted and the Egyptian state has failed to protect them.

The Australian Coptic Movement has set up a relief fund to help raise funds for the families of the victims to assist them both with their financial needs and with legal assistance to pursue justice.

Please click here view various donation options and also include “Khousos” in your description so that the funds are allocated appropriately.

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