Media Statement from Leader of the Opposition, The Hon. Tony Abbott MHR, regarding the Anti-Coptic Violence in Egypt.




The Coalition is concerned that Egypt’s Copts continue to face great stress.

In the latest incident, on 7 April, a funeral at Cairo’s St Mark’s Coptic cathedral for four Copts killed in sectarian violence came under attack resulting in a further death and many injuries.

Tragically, the collapse of the Mubarak regime has led to increased violence against Egypt’s Coptic community. Since then, Copts around the world, including the tens of thousands in Australia, have been increasingly anxious about the difficult situation faced by members of their faith in Egypt.

As I said at a major prayer vigil in Sydney in October 2011, a democracy must be judged not by how effectively it implements the will of the majority but how effectively it protects of the rights of the minority.

The Australian government should impress on the Egyptian authorities, including through a statement, its concerns about the situation of Egypt’s Coptic community and urge the country’s leaders to establish a fully democratic political system which protects the rights of minorities.

For the Coalition, nothing less is acceptable.

11 April 2013

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  1. ann says:

    Do you really give a toss Tony about the Coptic community under this dreadful regime. If you really care What can you do about it
    If you were PM of Australia?

  2. Mal says:

    Good on you Mr Abbott for being a real leader and standing up for the persecuted peoples! This country (the beautiful Australia) needs a strong leader and I think Mr. Abbott you just maybe a Godsend that we need to get this country back on track and out of debt and enabling people to enter the workforce! Thank you Mr. Abbott for being a man of character and principle! God bless :)

  3. Lee says:

    Dear Mr Abbott,

    It is good to read of your concern towards the Copts in Egypt. As a pastor here in Sydney I take a great interest in the persecuted Christians around the world and continually pray for them. Indeed, we have a pastor in our church who fled Sri Lanka as he was in danger of being killed.

    Anyway, I just wanted to encourage you in your stance against this sort of thing.

    God bless,

  4. It’s about time someone in Canberra woke up to the danger Islam poses, not only for the Copts in Egypt but for the whole of western society. Islamic imams have stated many times that the avowed aim of Islam is the forced conversion of all Infidels…that’s us. And any who refuse to submit to Islam are to be killed.

    The rise in attacks, rapes, and murders around the world by Islamic criminals is a direct result of the edicts contained in the Koran and Hadiths to attack, intimidate, and kill those who are not Muslim. Islam was started by a pedophile who married a 6 year old girl and consummated the marriage when she was 9. He had no compunction about slaughtering a whole town when they refused his demand to accept his maniacal “religion”, and his followers have emulated him ever since. Islam is not a religion of peace, despite the claims of its followers who seek to fool us and lull us into a false sense of acceptance.

    Well done Tony Abbott. If you continue to point out the dangers Islam presents to our civilization you may even lead your party to victory at the next election.

  5. Chris says:

    Same thing will happen to the Christians living in Syria once the FSA overthrow the secular Assad government.

  6. Hamish Blair says:

    thanks Tony. Keep up the good work.

  7. Kim Gritten says:

    “the country’s leaders to establish a fully democratic political system which protects the rights of minorities.

    For the Coalition, nothing less is acceptable.”

    Does this mean you will be making Abortion illegal then, if nothing less is acceptable

  8. Mrs Loo says:

    Well done Mr Tony Abbott,

    Thanks for standing up, head held high in making a statement like this.

    May God continue to bless you with wisdom and strengthen you in all that you do.

    In Jesus name, Amen.

    Blessings – Karen

  9. Tania Cummings says:

    Amazing that Mr Abbott managed to say all that without using the M word. Good to see his support but yet again .. The political correctness and skirting round the edges fails to nail it fair and square, what the root of the problem really is, an uncompromising totalitarian ideology wearing the mask of religion. Ssshhh mustn’t say anything for fear of offending…

  10. Christina Rookes says:

    Dear Mr Abbott

    Thank you for your response to the Australian government regarding the news of violence against Egypt’s Coptic community. Your vocal concern & support for minority religious groups to have freedom from violence & to practise their religion without persecution is much needed. I trust that the government will see fit to pass this message on to the Egyptian government.

    Kind regards

    Christina Rookes

  11. Craig Kirk says:

    It is good to see that finally we are seeing high ranking politicians stand up for the Christian Minority in Egypt. I believe it has always happened however since the terrorist organisation have come to power the persecution has become worst. Tony you are to be congratulated.

    Craig Kirk

  12. Grant Jarrett says:

    Well done, about time someone of calibre spoke up about the suffering many religious people who are not Muslim have to endure.

    Where is the media on this? Imagine the coverage if Muslims were killed at the hands of Christians!


    Grant j

  13. Jennifer Ward says:

    I wish Mr Abbott would make up his mind. First he unreservedly condemned Geert Wilders and now he is complaining about the Muslim Brotherhood? Someone should tell him he can’t have it both ways.

  14. Barb says:

    Praise God for a leader such as Tony Abbott, who stands up for Truth & Righteousness; The Bible says “Righteousness exalts a nation”
    Egypts Government & Islam must be condemned by all the Governments & nations of the World. Egypt’s actions and those wicked Muslim mob have shown how UNRIGHTEOUS they are!
    The USA must be ahead of everyone else in condemning the atrocities occurring in Egypt against the Coptic Christians.
    America should stop all AID and military help to Egypt

    The Australian Labor Party needs to stop being spineless whimps & loudly condemn Egypt’s Government for the wickedness that occurred on 7th April 2013 at the funeral – there are no excuses – nor can any be tolerated!

  15. Tas Walker says:

    I’m so glad that Tony has made this statement. We will pray for the protection of the Coptic people of Egypt, that they will be protected and that they will be given strength to remain faithful to Jesus Christ.

  16. Nevil Knell says:

    Dear Mr. Abbott, congratulations on your stand on the Coptic Christians in Egypt. I support any action that should be taken to bring about freedom of religion for these and other Christians all around the world. My wife and I regularly pray for persecuted Christians around the world through the Barnabas Fund and Open Doors.

  17. Ian Kilminster says:

    Hon Tony Abbott MHR

    Dear Tony,
    Thank you for your support for the Coptic minority in Egypt.They are a remarkable people group who have kept their culture through centuries of subjugation by the dominant culture- even maintaining the early language of Egypt.

    The Christian church has been reaching out in love to wounded Muslim fellow Egyptian demonstrators in Cairo last year.

    I thank many in Egypt will be regretting having voted in party devoted to implementing Sharia

    We continue to pray & support where we can
    Ian kilminster 0412 1137 29

  18. Nino Marolla says:

    Good on ya Tony!!! You have my and my families vote. you can be sure of that!
    How could any Christian vote for Gillard’s mob when she is an atheist and is living in a de facto relationship?
    All Australians are under the governments leadership and to vote for Gillard is to be “un equally yoked” with the unbeliever ( 2 Cor 6:14 )!!
    Tony, you would do well to show that you do stand up for the persecuted, hopless, unborn, and the lost.
    Keep up the good work.

    Nino and Family.

  19. (Dr.) John Moody says:

    We need to pray that Mr Abbott gets in and that he takes a stand against atrocities like this. I feel this is a time when all branches of Christendom need to back each other because the Christian “back”is very much “to the wall” and the enemy sees us as one united threat to their devilish doings. So “United we stand and divided we fall !!!”

  20. AlanMillard says:

    Good on you Tony, with you all the way, hope you will take stronger action when you are priminster after Sept, as the way things are going,as we have seen in the recent muslim riots in Sydney, it could quite easily happen here, if we are not vigilant to protect our culture and Nation from the Islamic onslaught.

  21. Christine says:

    Dear Mr Abbott,thank you for making a stand for the christians suffering in Egypt.Please continue to stand for moral and christian standards in this country.Do not be afraid to speak up for what is right.Thank you again.Yours sincerely Christine.

  22. Pauline white says:

    Congrats tony for standing up for persecuted Christians in egypt

  23. Phil Browne says:

    Well said Tony
    Thanks for your courage.
    No chance you would ever hear the Greens supporting Christians in Egypt.


  24. Joe & Jo says:

    Dear Tony,
    Its great to see and here that politians as yourself standing up for our brothers and sisters who are persecuted in Egypt and around the World for their faith in following our Lord Jesus Christ.

    As prayer warriors we should continue to pray for our christian brothers and sisters,around the world, that our Mighty strong God/ the Lord Jesus King of kings will release them in freedom, as we walk with Authority over the devil’s schemes.
    We stand together in this great South land of the Holy Spirit.

    Go to to find out more how we can all pray and help the persecuted church, world wide.

  25. Moheb grace says:

    Dear Mr.Abbott
    Thanks for your support for persecuted Christians , God bless you and give you guidness and hope you all the best with your political career.

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