Australian Govt must make urgent protests to the President of Egypt



Statement by Rev Hon Fred Nile, National President; Christian Democratic Party on the Violent Attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt.



Our Christian Democratic Party is both shocked and saddened by the increasing, violent attacks on peaceful Coptic Christians in Egypt.


These frequent attacks have escalated with the recent attack on Sunday 7th April 2013 when the funeral for four Coptic Christians, who were killed in sectarian violence in Khosous, was taking place in St Mark’s Coptic Cathedral in Cairo.  This attack resulted in a further death and many injuries.


Upon leaving the Cathedral, Coptic Christian mourners came under gun fire and ran back to the Cathedral grounds for safety and shelter.  As a result, the Cathedral staff came under “sustained attack by armed gunmen and by Egyptian Security Forces” as claimed by eye witnesses.


“Our Australian Government must make urgent protests to the President of Egypt, Mr Morsi, and request that he guarantees the protection of all citizens, especially the Christian minority surrounded by a Muslim majority” said Rev Nile.


“It is vital that the Egyptian Security Forces protect all citizens without fear or favour. It is also essential that Coptic Christians are allowed to serve in the Egyptian Security Forces, at all levels of authority, so as to prevent any control by militant Islamists” said Rev Fred Nile MLC.


Note: Rev Nile will be speaking at the Sydney Coptic Rally which will take place on Sunday 14th April 2013 at 2.30 pm in Martin Place, Sydney, representing the Christian Democratic Party as it stands in prayer support and solidarity with the Coptic Christians in Egypt.


12th April 2013.

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