Australian Copts celebrate Easter amidst hostilities in Egypt.


The Australian Coptic Movement Association’s 2013 Easter Message

“Why do you seek the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen!”

Christ is Risen. Indeed He is Risen.

Pekhristos Aftonf. Khen omethmi aftonf.




Today many Orthodox Christians in Australia and abroad are celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, greeting one another with “Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen”.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) wishes all Orthodox Christians a very Happy and Blessed Easter. In particular we extend Easter greetings to HH Pope Tawadros II, all Coptic Orthodox Bishops in Australia, Clergy and Coptic community as well as all our fellow Orthodox brothers and sisters from various communities.

For Coptic Orthodox Christians, Easter is the most important event in the Coptic Church calendar. The Church liturgy is joyous, reinacting Jesus Christ’s resurrection with clanging sounds symbolising removal of the stone at the tomb and an abundance of light and glorious hymns sung throughout the mass. It follows a week of continuous church services known as “Pascha week”, “Holy week” and “week of pain” and many weeks of a dairy free fast.

Today the Coptic Orthodox Christians of Egypt will be attending the Easter mass with heavy and saddened hearts following the current attacks on Copts at the St Mark’s Cathedral in Cairo, which is the international headquarters of the Coptic Orthodox Church and the heart of Christianity in the region. Australia’s Copts are extremely concerned for the welfare of their families back in Egypt and will be praying for their safety. It is with regret that attacks and threats against Coptic Christians continuing with reports of a Coptic Church near Alexandria coming under attack and numerous reports of kidnappings. The Egyptian government has failed to take appropriate action to afford protection to Egypt’s vulnerable Coptic community.

Christians in Syria are mourning both the destruction in their nation as well as the kidnapping of two Orthodox Bishops in Syria. The ACM calls for the release of Aleppo’s Greek Orthodox Archbishop Paul Yazigi and Syrian Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim who were kidnapped on 22 April 2013 by armed militants.

On the 14 April 2013 the ACM organised a successful protest, in which Coptic Bishops, Politicians and friends from all walks joined us in solidarity with Egypt and with Egypt’s persecuted Coptic minority. We have received a great response following our rally and are pleased to advise that many politicians have agreed to further pursue the Australia Government to act on Egypt. We will report further on this in coming weeks and release videos of many great speeches.

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Wishing everyone a Happy and Safe Easter.


Karen Sayed

For and behalf of The Australian Coptic Movement Association.

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