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Tamarod Australia is organising the only official protest in Australia to be held in Sydney.


Since Muslim Brotherhood (MB) candidate Dr Mohamed Morsi Issa El Ayat arguably won the presidential election less than a year ago by a hair split margin of 1.7%, and was sworn in as the first elected civilian president after the 25th January 2011 revolution which toppled the regime of the former president Hosni Mubarak, he and the MB exploited all the country’s resources for what became known as “Brotherhoodisation” of the country (i.e. planting MB loyalists in all decision-making posts and in all the country’s main institutions). They were working patiently towards this goal for the past 84 years.

Fully occupied with their main goal, they ignored the basic needs of the simple Egyptian citizen. Most figureheads of the former regime were set free, and the trial of Mubarak and his two sons looks like heading the same direction. There have been no convictions for the killings of the revolutionaries since 25th January 2011. Not to mention the presidential pardons of thousands of MB criminals who were convicted of very serious crimes and were sentenced to either jail or execution.

Even the President’s legitimacy is now in doubt after his constitution declaration on 22nd November 2012 giving himself unprecedented dictatorial powers and safeguarding his decrees from being challenged in courts. The latest decision by the Constitution Court, ruled the Upper House and the Constituent Assembly unconstitutional. This means that the country’s constitution, which was passed on 25th December 2012 following a referendum, is now nil and void.

It is now clear to the whole world that the Egyptian MB regime has no intention of achieving the objectives of the revolution and the dreams of those who sacrificed their lives for livelihood, freedom, social justice and human dignity of fellow Egyptians. It is as if there was no revolution, nor the fall of a regime!

Thus a revival of the revolution was eminent.

Similar to what was known in 2010 as “Document of the Seven Demands” or “Document Of Change”, which played a big role in preparing for the revolution against the Mubarak regime, a group of revolutionaries launched the Tamarod Campaign worldwide.

Tamarod means rebel in English. This is what is recognised in the western world as a petition. Basically, if the campaign succeeds in collecting more signatures than the number of votes that Dr Morsi has received in the presidential election, he loses legitimacy. Hence 15 million signatures are needed as Morsi received approximately 13 million votes in the 2012 presidential election. The petition has a hard copy and online version which can be uploaded via the campaign site www.tamarod.com. It was supported by the Egyptian opposition, which is now in united coalition against MB named “The National Salvation Front” calling for an early presidential election.

This method is an internationally recognised democratic process which exists in many countries to withdraw confidence from an elected person. In the twentieth century, 30 US elected officials in different government positions have lost their posts the very same way. In the Venezuelan constitution, if 20% of the voters are petitioned, one can call for no confidence in the president. It exists also in Canada and Switzerland, said Dr Mohamed Elbaradei, President of Al Dostour Party and Leader of Opposition.

Based on the official news reports, the campaign is very close to reaching its goal.

The MB knows very well the effect and the legitimacy of Tamarod as a peaceful means of withdrawing confidence from the President. They launched scaremongering campaigns and violent attacks against Tamarod members and attempted to burn its headquarters in downtown Cairo where most of the forms are kept. In addition to launching a counter campaign called “Tagarod”.

Further to reaching its goal, the campaign is calling upon Egyptians worldwide to stage protests on 30th June 2013 in prominent places i.e. in front of TV stations, landmarks etc. announcing to the whole world the illegitimacy of the Egyptian President and calling for an early election.

Egyptians in Australia have and will continue to participate strongly with their fellow Egyptians in Egypt and around the world with Tamarod. Led by Mrs Lilian Shaker and assisted by members of The National Salvation Front – Australia, Tamarod Australia campaigned very hard during the last few weeks in order to reach the wider Egyptian community. Tamarod Australia thanks all Egyptians who participated by signing the petition’s hard copy or online version and urges all others to sign as soon as possible. It requires the Egyptian ID number (Rakam Kawmy) – on either ID card or computer-issued birth certificate – or Egyptian passport number (old or new style).

What is next?

Adding meaning to the petition, Tamarod Australia is organising the only official protest in Australia to be held in Sydney as per the following details:

Date : Sunday 30th June 2013
Time : From 2:00pm to 4:00pm
Place : Martin Place (the stage).

Mrs Shaker (the official coordinator for Tamarod in Australia) will arrive from Melbourne specially to attend this protest.

We urge all people from all nations to join Egyptians in what could be seen as the last chance to preserve Egypt the way we and the entire world knows it as; the land of the pharaohs. Australia’s protest will be the first in the world – given the time difference – and is set to inspire Egyptians in Egypt and around the world. So, please show solidarity with Egypt and rebel on 30th June 2013 by the thousands.

For more info, please contact :
Lilian Shaker – The official Tamarod coordinator in Australia – on 0430 194 466
Mena Isaac – Tamarod coordinator for Al Dostour Party, Sydney Branch – on 0466 991 116

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Sam Mansour
Founding member and coordinator of Al Dostour Party in Australia.

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  1. magdi salib says:

    i would like to join the group and be informed about any protests or events that the group organises.

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