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I have just returned from your blessed country of origin. I had the pleasure in standing on behalf of the Christian Democratic Party with the freedom-loving Egyptians in Tahrir Square.

On behalf of the Christian Democratic Party, The Hon. Paul Green MLC and I congratulate the Egyptian people in peacefully standing up and toppling the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood Government of Mohamad Morsi.

The Muslim Brotherhood has launched a counter-attack on the Egyptian Army Republican Guard HQ yesterday at 5am Monday the 8th, July, 2013.

This followed the call by their MB. official Supreme Guide Mohammed Badie for their supporters “to become martyrs” as he urged violence and bloodshed to restore the former President Morsi”.

TV coverage released today showed a violent attack on the Army Republican Guard headquarters (the elite unit of the Egyptian Army) with stones and firebombs. The Army responded and there have been over 30 deaths, including an Army officer, and over 300 wounded. The Army did not fire; as claimed by the MB, while they were praying on their knees!

The Rev Fred Nile of The Christian Democratic Party said in Cairo on that day:
“this is a modern tragedy for Egypt, as it faces a potential civil war. The wishes of the 37 million of the Egyptian population, including 6 million from Cairo who shared in the ‘Rebellion Movement’ against President Morsi and the radical MB, have been ignored by western media, including CNN and BBC, who continue to misrepresent this as an ‘Army Coup’ in a rather biased manner.”

Also we condemn the unprovoked attacks on Egypt’s Coptic minority including the massacre of Copts in Luxor as well as well as the death of a Coptic Priest in Sinai. Again this has been ignored by the western media and sadly by our own government.  We are deeply concerned on the targeting of Coptic Christians who are already reeling from months of ongoing persecution. We pray for them and we will act for them in any possible way.

The Hon. Paul Green MLC represented me and the Christian Democrats at the rally in Martin Place on 30 June 2013 organised by the Egyptian community and various Coptic groups.

As Paul Green stated at Martin Place on 30 June 2013:
“I hear the word freedom and it rattles in my soul”
“I hear the word justice it rattles in my soul”
“I hear the word peace and prosperity and it rattles in my soul”.

We call upon the Egyptian military to show restraint when dealing with the Egyptian people during this transitional period and call for swift elections under a constitution that does not lead to any form of Sharia Law implementation.

As always the CDP stands ready to assist in any way possible to help the Egyptian and Coptic Community in Australia achieve their goals for a free and prosperous nation.

The Rev. Fred Nile leader of the CDP has been in Egypt this week during the peaceful protests to bring in a new Democratic Govt. because of President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood for his abuse of the Egyptian Constitution.

The Rev. Fred Nile and his fiancée Miss Silvana Nero have seen the huge peaceful protests in Cairo which mobilised hundreds of thousands of Egyptian citizens including moderate Muslims, Christians, secularists and especially women and young people in Cairo as well as in regional cities and towns throughout Egypt such as Luxor.
A new government has now taken over Egypt comprising representatives of all major political, religious and community organisations including the Coptic Pope and Muslim leaders with the minister for defence. The senior Egyptian Judge Justice Mansour who was, about to be appointed Chief Justice has now been sworn in as the new Interim president of Egypt while former President Morsi is under house arrest for various crimes.

‘All Coptic Christians in Egypt and Australia are rejoicing in these amazing and miraculous developments and the new proposed democratic election to elect a new Egyptian president’ said Rev. Fred Nile from the Egyptian Capital Cairo.

Rev No Fred Nile MLC

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Thursday 11 July 2013

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