Hon. Rev. Fred Nile’s Statement on Egypt



The Rev. Fred Nile leader of the CDP has been in Egypt this week during the peaceful protests to bring in a new Democratic Government.


This has been due to the abuse of the Egyptian Constitution by President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood

The Rev. Fred Nile and his fiancée Miss Silvana Nero have seen the huge peaceful protests in Cairo which mobilised hundreds of thousands of Egyptian citizens including moderate Muslims, Christians, Secularists and especially women and young people in Cairo as well as in regional cities and towns throughout Egypt such as Luxor.

A new government has now taken over Egypt comprising representatives of all major political, religious and community organisations including the Coptic Pope and Muslim leaders with the minister for defence. The senior Egyptian Judge Justice Mansour who was, about to be appointed Chief Justice has now been sworn in as the new Interim president of Egypt while former President Morsi is under house arrest.

‘All Coptic Christians in Egypt and Australia are rejoicing in these amazing and miraculous developments and the new proposed democratic election to elect a new Egyptian president’ said Rev. Fred Nile from the Egyptian capital Cairo.

For enquiries email: F.Nile@parliament.nsw.gov.au

Friday 5 July 2013

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