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Poem – Egypt in Transition


As historic events unfold in Egypt, the ancient land of the Pharaohs, Nancy Louka lets out her emotion during this tumultuous time in this beautiful poem of expression.

Egypt is for Egyptians


The U.S. was clearly red faced when only in a matter of weeks, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s tone and the U.S.’ overall support of President Mubarak changed during the revolutionary uprisings in Egypt between January 25 and February 12, 2011. Has America again backed the wrong horse in Egypt’s democratic sprint? Suzy Hanna takes a look.

Australians warned on travelling to Egypt.


Australians thinking of travelling to Egypt have been warned to exercise a high degree of caution in the face of ongoing unrest and anti-government rallies in Cairo and regional centres.  

ACM presents at 4th Annual Coptic Solidarity Conference in Washington DC

Monica Presenting

ACM’s Monica Mikhail presented at Coptic Solidarity’s 4th Annual Coptic Solidarity Conference held in Washington DC. The conference, held annually, attracts a host of international activists, politicians and researchers alike to examine the role of Copts and their ongoing struggle in a changing Egypt.

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