Poem – Egypt in Transition


As historic events unfold in Egypt, the ancient land of the Pharaohs, Nancy Louka lets out her emotion during this tumultuous time in this beautiful poem of expression.


Tell me what you see when you look at


Cleopatra eyes lined by sun dust of the

Giza Pyramids

A feeble representation of my people


Tell me, tell me what you see when

you look at me?

A smile that has lost its shape

Like the chipped nose of the Sphinx

Each chip symbolic to years of history


I can resonate with each chip

Like an etch in my own heart

Each Richter of pain, a lesson gained


Maybe you see

Long brown hair that might glitter like

the Nile by night

From Luxor to Aswan

To Blessed Belkas and Alexandria

In all its sanctions

These are my people

And I, a feeble representation of my



The Square

The junction to revolutionary change

A people suppressed for so long

My cousins tell me

‘We love our nation’s song, but we

really couldn’t tell you what’s going on’


Am I a succinct representation?


Who am I to stand up and say?


‘I feel your pain and you should fight

on to see brighter days’

Foolish to watch the media hype and

make my decision

Im not living in it

It looks like prison

What should I do?

Speak from the heart

Speak to start

Join a protest

Sign a petition

Those on the ground

They in it with passion

In a zealous fashion

Nations racing, numbers decreasing

Martyred for their kingdom

Bloodshed to receive a crown

And while they up above

We still can’t get enough love


Death doesn’t discriminate

Yes love will fight the hate

Muslim or Christian

We all the same flesh

Peace should prevail

In or out of the veil

Aren’t you tired of this tale?

Im tired just watching it

My eyes have never known colour

Just shades that measure how big

your heart really is


Tell me what you see when you look at



Cleopatra eyes, a smile that has lost

its shape, long brown hair

With my hand on my chest

I apologise, because me, in all my

sanctions I AM

. . . A feeble representation of my



Egypt in transition and all I can do is

watch the revolutionary mission.


Nancy Louka is an active community and social worker. Nancy runs a Poetry Corner every Monday night where she and fellow youth come together to express through poetry and songwriting. You can find more of Nancy’s work on her website blog Nishali Moments.

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One Response to “Poem – Egypt in Transition”

  1. sally waid says:

    What a lovely poem. I am sad about what is happening
    in Egypt. I am not Egyptian but my daughter -in-law is, a Coptic Christian, living in Australia

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