PRESS RELEASE: The Hon. Tony Abbott MHR – Events in Egypt 09.07.2013


Press Release from the Leader of the Opposition in response to latest events from Egypt – 9/07/2013.


The Coalition remains concerned by the dangerously volatile situation in Egypt. Violence in recent daysinvolving supporters of ousted President Morsi has left many dead, while there are conflicting reports on who was responsible for the latest deadly incident.

It is important that Egypt’s interim president re-establish order and that all sides respect human life. It isvital that the elections he has promised happen soon, that they be free and fair and that a genuine democracyis established which protects the rights of all Egyptians, including religious minorities and women.

9 July 2013


To view the original document, please see ACM Tony Abbott Statement – 9.07.2013


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  1. Thank you, the Hon. Tony Abbott and the Liberal Party for supporting freedom in Egypt – unlike Bob Carr and the Australian Labor Party who support Morsi and tyranny:

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