Coptic Churches Burn across Egypt whilst the World Turns a Blind Eye



The Australian Coptic Movement Association (“ACM”) is greatly alarmed by the rapid turn of events affecting Coptic Christians in Egypt over the past 24 hours.


Only 2 days ago, we released the following Press Release, calling for action in response to the incitement and violence targeting Copts:

Whilst the Western media is focused on the military raids and the loss of life that has ensued, mainstream news outlets have largely ignored the widespread coordinated attacks on Coptic Christians throughout Egypt.  Coptic churches, monasteries, schools and Coptic-owned properties have been destroyed in violent rampages by Islamists across the country since the military crackdown.  Below is a list of the number and location of Churches that have been looted and burnt across Egypt.  According to this list, 45 Christian Churches and a further 11 Christian institutions have been burnt and damaged.  At the time of publishing this statement, reports of further attacks have been received.  Indeed, it is difficult to keep track of the number attacks over the last 24 hours – the level of abuse of Egypt’s Christians is unprecedented.

The senseless loss of life in Egypt is against the spirit of the popular “Tamarod” Revolution that occurred on 30 June 2013.  However, the ACM rejects the notion that all Muslim Brotherhood supporters are “peaceful”.  For several weeks now, pro-Morsi supporters and MB leaders have been inciting hatred and violence against Egypt’s Coptic Christians.  Copts are being used as scapegoats by the MB for the ousting of former President Morsi.

Western leaders have failed to take the dire issue facing Copts seriously and seem to be more interested in protecting the rights of those who persecute Christians.

The ACM repeats its call for an urgent investigation into these attacks and the immediate implementation by the Egyptian interim Government of adequate measures to safeguard the safety and security of Egypt’s Christian minority.

In the meantime we are collecting donations to assist those who have had their properties destroyed in Egypt. We are looking to assist small business owners and shop keepers as well as those who have been left homeless.

List of Churches attacked, as of 14 August 2013



  1. Father Maximus Church


  1. St George Church | Burned |


  1. Good Shepherds Monastery |  Nuns attacked
  2. Angel Michael Church | Surrounded
  3. St George Coptic Orthodox Church |
  4. Al-Eslah Church| Burned |
  5. Adventist Church | Pastor and his wife kidnapped |
  6. St Therese Church |
  7. Apostles Church | Burning |
  8. Holy Revival Church | Burning |

Beni Suef

  1. The Nuns School |
  2. St George Church | al-Wasta


  1. St Fatima Basilica | Heliopolis | Attempted Attack


  1. St Mary Church | El Nazlah |
  2. St Damiana Church | Robbed and burned
  3. Amir Tawadros (St Theodore) Church
  4. Evangelical Church | al-Zorby Village | Looting and destruction
  5. Church of Joseph | Burned |
  6. Franciscan School | Burned |


  1. Diocese of St Paul | Burned |


  1. Father Antonios
  2. Atfeeh Bishopric


  1. Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abram | Delga, Deir Mawas |
  2. St Mina Church | Abu Hilal Kebly, Beni Hilal |
  3. Baptist Church | Beni Mazar |
  4. Deir Mawas Bishopric
  5. Delga Church | Attacked (Previously attacked with fire)
  6. The Jesuit Fathers Church | Abu Hilal district
  7. St Mark Church | Abu Hilal district
  8. St Joseph Nunnery |
  9. Amir Tadros Church |
  10. Evangelical Church |
  11. Anba Moussa al-Aswad Church
  12. Apostles Church |


  1. St Mary’s Church | Attempted Burning


  1. St George Church |
  2. St Damiana | Attacked and burned |
  3. Virgin Mary | Attacked and burned |
  4. St Mark Church & Community Center
  5. Anba Abram Church | Destroyed and burned |


  1. St Saviours Anglican Church |
  2. Franciscan Church and School | Street 23 | Burned |
  3. Holy Shepherd Monastery and Hospital |
  4. Good Shepherd Church (molotov cocktail thrown)- Relationship with Holy Shepherd Monastery unknown.
  5. Greek Orthodox Church |

Christian Institutions

  • House of Father Angelos (Pastor of Church of the Virgin Mary and Father Abram) | Delga, Minya | Burned |
  • Properties and Markets of Copts | al-Gomhorreya Street, Assiut
  • Seventeen Coptic homes | Delga, Minya | Burned |
  • YMCA | Minya| Burned |
  • Coptic Homes | Qulta Street, Assiut | Attacked
  • Offices of the Evangelical Foundation & Oum al-Nour | Minya
  • Coptic-owned shops, pharmacy, and hotels | Karnak and Cleopatra Streets, Luxor | Attacked and Looted
  • Dahabeya Nile Boat | Minya| Church-owned |
  • Bible Society bookshop | Cairo | Burned |
  • Bible Society | Fayoum |
  • Bible Society | al-Gomohoreya Street, Assiut |


The Australian Coptic Movement.

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F: (02) 8790 6464

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7 Responses to “Coptic Churches Burn across Egypt whilst the World Turns a Blind Eye”

  1. thinandavha says:

    this is a Tribulation time;Our God knows everythings,than we know,in the name of God of every countries,I command PEACE AND HAPPINESS IN EGYPT.

  2. Dr Romani Sergyos says:

    Do not be alarmed be aware it all in the bible and must happen ,trust the lord promises and his times ,focus and worship only Jesus Christ ,HE is the only way and life , the worst still to come through the Anti Christ before the coming of the lord ,go back to the lord Christians and Muslims and who endures to the end will inherit eternal life ameennnnnnnnn:)

  3. Magdy Zaki says:

    All these dierty and bloody works from Islamic Brothers Group supported from U.S.A union with Tirky, Katar and for sorry some eurpe countries like Germany & France for dierty planning to destroy and divid Egypt like Syria and Irak countries, Army Listen and obey The command of most of people more than 35 million In revolution on 30/06/2013 that refuse President Mohamed Morci (Head of Islamic Brothers Group) who support his Group In the world over Egypt rights In every thing. All these works Cristian Coptic paying the cost, For sorry U.S.A ignore all these and just care the bloody Islamic Brothers Group !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can write and explain more with arabic languge, Thanks

  4. Nabil says:

    It is shameful, because the attackers know well that Christians are innocent and have nothing to do with politics. Yet they are targeted only to instigate civil war and cause chaos in the country in revenge for loosing political power.There is a divine judge who will bring to account every evil deed and intention . That time is not far off in the future. Every soul ought to tremble before this inescapable fact.

  5. Chris says:

    Please raise the Christians Egyption Voice
    Mouslims Brotherhood are using sever savage ways to destroy and terrify Christians
    It’s not about buildings only Christians are suffering from the MB and the foreign media simply acting blindly to what happen to the Christians in Egypt because US and Europe support Mouslims Brotherhood

  6. The world reactions following the ousting of Mohammed Morsi
    and the bloodshed, mayhem and violence initiated by the Muslim Brotherhood is totally LACKING IN ANY COMPASSION.

    Egypt is being viewed by them all as a COMMODITY – an AREA
    in which they have vested interests (often conflicting) – a country of STRATEGIC IMPORTANCE that can be used, bribed, commanded and bullied into submission.

    Where have the World’s Powerbrokers been over the decades
    of persecution, harassment, denigration and degradation of Coptic and all Christians in Egypt? WHY have their voices
    not been raised in a HOWL OF PROTEST at the treatment of the
    minority groups in Egypt, up to now.

    The Muslim Brotherhood’s passport is blood and terror, anarchy
    and suppression. It always has been and always will be.
    They supposedly ‘WON’ the last elections on rubbery figures
    that bounced their way out of the visible Ballot Boxes into
    the formation of a SHONKY CONSTITUTION that fooled no-one, but
    that granted incredible power to them and the President and
    no rights to approximately 15 million people!

    And now we have the same Powerbrokers – the US, the UN, the EU,
    Turkey, Qatar – wringing their hands and saying,”We were on the
    brink of a PEACEFUL SOLUTION”! What rubbish! They obviously
    hadn’t heard about “takkquia” – or the “permitted lying” to
    the infidel! But the Military was NOT FOOLED and said that
    the Brotherhood was only playing for time and stringing the
    Powerbrokers along. And so it was!

    I saw a video out of Egypt tonight saying, in Arabic and in
    English, addressed to Obama and the Americans – LEAVE US ALONE –
    and that is exactly what they need to do.

    There are always 2 sides to any situation. The Muslim Brotherhood knows the value of biased reporting and inaccurate
    figures and the foreign media swallowing the bait – hook, line and sinker.

    When I read that the Brotherhood leaders are inciting FURTHER
    VIOLENCE and encouraging murder and bloodshed,that made up my
    mind that the actions that have been taken by the NSF have
    been right and appropriate. And the reactions by the Military
    have been as a result of EXTREME PROVOCATION by the Brotherhood, which they knew would produce the results that
    have eventuated.

    May Almighty God save and protect those who have right and pure
    hearts in His Sight and proper motives towards others.

  7. Ken says:

    Some loony preacher in America threatens to burn a Koran and its all over the news.
    Egypts churches burned by MB mobs and nothing on the news, papers or Internet in the UK.
    Is the press being deliberately gagged?
    The only source I could find was on the russia today english language site.
    What a disgrace the western press is.

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