Hon. Fred Nile MP calls for Muslim Brotherhood to be listed as a terror group.


The Hon. Fred Nile is calling for the Muslim Brotherhood to be included amongst the organisations listed as a terrorist group.




“On behalf of the Christian Democratic Party, I condemn the attacks committed by the armed militants of the Muslim Brotherhood against the Coptic Christian minority, and also government officials. Dozens of churches, schools, orphanages and other religious buildings have been destroyed, with many people still unaccounted for. Over 60 police officers have been murdered, many also mutilated, as they tried to clear the streets of armed groups” said Rev Nile.

The mainstream media coverage of events in Egypt, such as CNN and BBC, have misreported the current situation. The Egyptian people demand basic freedoms which were denied under the Muslim Brotherhood Government. Hence the people revolted on 30 June 2013, and deposed the former president of the Muslim Brotherhood.

“Equally disturbing is the stance of our own Federal Government which is calling for sanctions which will only hurt all Egyptians” said Rev Nile.

“I have seen hundreds of photos and images of Coptic Churches, homes and orphanages on fire all over Egypt, yet we rarely see this side of the issue. On the 30th June 2013 I had the privilege of being in Egypt and standing with millions of freedom-seeking Egyptians in Tahrir Square. All the Egyptians that I met were warm-hearted people, both Muslim and Coptic Christians, and were happy to see the end of the Muslim Brotherhood.

Now we see the true colours of the Muslim Brotherhood come out with their persistent attacks against churches, government buildings and cultural institutions. These are acts of terror and the Muslim Brotherhood should be banned and listed as a terror group, for the safety of not only Egypt, but the entire world” said Rev Nile.

“I shall be taking part in a peaceful Call to Action – Protest, on Saturday next, 24th August 2013, in Martin Place, Sydney, at 2.30 pm. There will be speeches at Martin Place, concluding with a march from Martin Place, down George Street to Town Hall. I invite all concerned Australians to take part in this peaceful Call to Action and stand in solidarity with the forgotten victims of terror in Egypt” said Rev Nile.

Enquiries Head Office: matej.slavicek@cdp.org.au
Parliament House: f.nile@parliament.nsw.gov.au

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2 Responses to “Hon. Fred Nile MP calls for Muslim Brotherhood to be listed as a terror group.”

  1. ROSA says:

    Please…please , don’t blame the army for what is happening in Egypt , the MB are the big trouble of there and around the world, and if there is any in Australia and I do believe there is some in Sydney , my advice to the Australian government to open their eyes and keep and eye on those people, how many people they did find under the stage at RABAA EL ADAWEYA ??? Who killed them ??ask them and see what they will say, offcourse not the army, they are killers and traitors and they don’t have a religion

  2. Emad Akhnoukh says:

    Thank you very much for your true analysis of the facts that are actually happening in Egypt and definitely misrepresented on Aljazira CNN and BBC. and this misrepresentation is baffling all of us Egyptians in Australia and others around the world, this makes me think that there is a grand plan to dismantle Egypt and the middle east. my question is how can the free world starting with America, UK, Australia and many more not see that the Muslim Brotherhood is terrorist Organisation. it incomprehensible.

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