It is time our voices be heard

Prince Tadros Coptic Church


Announcement regarding the protest against unprecedented attacks on Copts and all of Egypt.



The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) is greatly disturbed by the rapid turn of events in Egypt and the senseless loss of life overall. Grossly under-reported is the fact that Egypt’s Coptic Christians are currently living under siege all over Egypt as the Muslim Brotherhood unleashes it terror after having launched widespread, coordinated attacks on Coptic Christians throughout Egypt.

Coptic churches, monasteries, schools and Coptic-owned properties have been destroyed in violent rampages by Islamists across the Country since the military crackdown. Scores of Copts have been killed and injured. Over 60 Churches and 11 Coptic Christian institutions have been looted and burned, including an orphanage. Coptic churches dating as far back as the fourth century have been destroyed. But the Copts are not the only target. In an effort to terrorize the entire country, the Muslim Brotherhood has also reportedly killed hundreds of policemen, stormed and tried to take over police stations, burned blood banks and damaged hospitals and public buildings, including the Malawy Museum in Al Menia Upper Egypt, where more than 1040 Ancient Egyptian artefacts were stolen.

They even attempted to burn the Alexandrian Library. They are intent on turning Egypt in a rogue state for their own agenda which is not in the interests of the majority of peace-loving Egyptians. The ACM will hold a protest this Saturday, 24 August 2013 to rally against the Muslim Brotherhood’s attacks targeting Coptic Christians and the people of Egypt in general.

We invite all peaceful members of the Australian public to join us as we stand in solidarity with the forgotten victims who are not being given the attention that they deserve.

Details as follows:

Event: Rally against the Muslim Brotherhood – Australia’s Voice

Date: 24 August 2013 Place: Martin Place (Amphitheatre), then march down George St, to Town Hall at the conclusion of speeches

Time: 2:30pm

In the meantime we are collecting donations to assist those who have had their properties destroyed in Egypt. We are looking to assist small business owners and shop keepers as well as those who have been left homeless.


The Australian Coptic Movement.

For enquiries:

P: (61) 418 331 213
F: (02) 8790 6464



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4 Responses to “It is time our voices be heard”

  1. yasmin abdelwahab says:

    why dont u write what did the military did to them,the military killed thousands of them and about the churches and everything else there is nothing proves who did that the brotherhood or killers the authourity gave them money to do that just like in 25 jan. 2011 ,, u have to write everything or dont write anything

  2. Mahmoud Kamal says:

    Dear Sir

    It is amazing to me that all the human rights groups , all the coptic and christian groups and All the NOT MAD MOSLEMS

    Are not doing enough to cary our case to international comunities.

    I am in Istanbul now for 2 days , a city i love and have visited for more than 100 times ,the bias and one way street presentation is sickening . All the news papers are one way one way alone .

    Lets all try and do somthing about it .

    Mahmoud kamal

  3. nivo fowz says:

    It’s Not a coup but a popular revolution against the terrorists Brotherhood … We are the Egyptian people So Don’t support the terrorism

  4. Hosam Elhanafy says:

    Thanks Pastor Terry and sister Sana,
    It has been a shock of what’ happening in Egypt from this terrorist groups, and more shocking to see the reaction of muslims Australians.
    we need to support or brothers and sisters in Egypt and to make our voice louder so everyone can hear us and understand how much coptic churches are suffering and will suffer if we dont stand for their rights.
    God Bless you all.

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