Sydney rally exposing Muslim Brotherhood attracts widespread media attention.


Hundreds of Egyptian Australians and members of the Australian public attended a rally in Martin Place, Sydney on Sunday, 24 August 2013 to protest against violent, coordinated attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood on Coptic Churches and other religious institutions including schools, monasteries and orphanages, the destruction of hospitals, police stations and other public buildings and the looting and damage caused to an ancient Egyptian Museum.

The protest was organised by the Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) in conjunction a number of Australian-Egyptian organisations, listed below:

·         Australian Mediterranean Christian Assoc.,
·         Coptic Orphans
·         International Conscience For Human Rights Assoc.,
·         People’s Voice Assoc.,
·         The Australian Coptic Assoc.,
·         The Australian Egyptian Council Forum,
·         The Australian Egyptian Federation,
·         The Australian Egyptian Friendship Assoc.,
·         The Coptic Centre For Culture and Arts,
·         The Egyptians Social Democratic Party,
·         The Free Egyptians Party,
·         Upper Egyptians Australian Community.
·         Al Dostor Party AUS.

The event commenced with the National anthems of both Australia and Egypt followed by a 1 minute silence to commemorate those who have lost their lives in the recent uprising.

ACM’s spokesperson Peter Tadros gave a detailed account of former president Morsi’s record and reiterated the view that the ousting of MB president Morsi was a “revolution” not a coup.

The following members of Parliament addressed attendees at the rally:

1-    Mr Laurie Ferguson MP (ALP Federal Member for Werriwa)

2-   Mr Scott Morrison MP (NLP Federal Member for Cook, Shadow Minister for Productivity & Population, Shadow Minister for Immigration & Citizenship)

3-    Hon. Rev. Fred Nile MLC (Leader of the Christian Democratic Party)

4-   Hon. David Clarke MLC (Parliamentary Secretary for Justice – Liberal Party NSW)

Notably, Mr Morrison MP pledged that under a Liberal Government, more places would be opened for Egypt’s persecuted Copts to seek asylum in Australia.

Other speakers included Sheikh Dr Mostafa Rashid who reiterated earlier calls by the Hon. Fred Nile for the Muslim Brotherhood to be listed as terror organisation. Dr Safwat el Banna also delivered an impassioned speech.  Dr Eman Sharobeem (NSW Community Relations Commissioner) strongly condemned the coordinated attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt in her speech.

Protestors then marched through the streets of Sydney to Town Hall, calling for Western Governments and the media to condemn the Muslim Brotherhood’s violent attacks.

The following demands were made at the event:

·         -All free and democratic countries that value the human rights of all people, to stand by and support Egypt in its efforts to eliminate terrorism and maintain peace and safety for all Egyptians;

·         -Western countries to stand by Egypt in fighting terror organisations such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida and other affiliated groups; and

·         -The free media and press to be objective and balanced and to refrain from condoning terror and crimes in their reporting on incidents occurring in Egypt.

We thank all members of parliament and other special guests who attended this event, particularly those who marched with the protestors all the way to Town Hall

The event was covered by most Australian media outlets as well Reuters and many Egyptian media outlets both locally and in Egypt.


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2 Responses to “Sydney rally exposing Muslim Brotherhood attracts widespread media attention.”

  1. Hisham says:

    Hello. Can you please show me where the Muslim brotherhood endorse violence and attacking of Christians and their places or worship?

    I appreciate the threat the Copt community in Egypt feels with the recent spate of church attacks, but this was a result of the chaos in Egypt and general lawlessness, associated with the instability in Egypt because if the coup. They’ve been occurring since the revolution, before luring and now after Morsis presidency No where has the MB endorsed them.

    Don’t forget the egyptian state weren’t protecting the churches and priests, pastors have said they did to respond. The Egyptian state are using the Copts as tools to justify a crack down on the MB. And don’t forget former interior minister adly and the church bombing in Alexandria.

    I appeal for some objectivity.

  2. John says:

    The Muslum Brotherhood have been attacking Christianity since 1929′ and were instrumental in creating The majority of terrorist organisations in the world today, their primary purpose is the destruction of the only true democracy in the Middle East, Israel.

    Under Morsi, Christian churches and Christians were being persecuted, fact it is not Christian’s blowing up places of worship or forcing people to convert to Islam or die, or raping young girls.

    Morsi is on record as saying Israel should be destroyed and the Muslum Brotherhood should be classified as a Terrorist organisation.

    Good Muslums should be condemning the actions of the Terror organisations including the Briotherhood whose other agenda is to have a global caliphate.

    I Believe in God and his son Jesus Christ, who loves all people and will never force anyone to worship him, radical Islam would force people to worship Allah.

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