Thousands Expected to rally in Sydney


The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM), in conjunction with 13 Sydney-based Egyptian Associations and NGO’s will be participating in a protest tomorrow at Martin Place, Sydney, joined by politicians from all levels of Government.


Event organisers are greatly disturbed by the rapid turn of events in Egypt and the senseless loss of life overall.  Grossly under reported is the fact that Egypt’s Coptic Christians are currently living under siege all over Egypt following the Muslim Brotherhood’s launch of widespread, coordinated attacks on Coptic Christians, Coptic churches, monasteries, schools and Coptic-owned properties have been destroyed in violent rampages across the country since the military crackdown, including an orphanage.  The total number of Churches and Christian institutions that have been attacked has now reached 100.

Many of those people attending still have family in Egypt and fear the violence is ripping at the fabric of their society and decimating its people under the guise of legitimate political protest.

The Muslim Brotherhood has also reportedly killed over 100 policemen and damaged hospitals and public buildings, including the Malawy Museum in Al Menia Upper Egypt, where more than 1040 Ancient Egyptian artefacts were damaged and stolen.  Brutal massacres of police and army conscripts have been under reported.

The Muslim Brotherhood is a threat to Egypt’s struggle for democracy, freedom and liberty – everything that the 30+ million Egyptian protestors stood for during the popular Tamarod Revolution of 30 June 2013.
Event: Rally against the Muslim Brotherhood – Australia’s Voice !
Date: 24 August 2013
Place: Martin Place (Amphitheatre), then march down George St, to Town Hall at the conclusion of speeches
Time:  2.30pm start

For enquiries:
P: (61) 418 331 213
F: (02) 8790 6464

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  1. George Arian says:

    I would have loved to be among the protestor to protest against the Radical MB’s for all the atrocity,violence and the terror by attacking and killing the Coptic Christian and Burning their homes,Churches,monasteries,school,orphanages,and I would like the Australian Government officially condemn their doing and support the interim Government for their fight against those terrors Group.

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