Gunmen strike at Coptic wedding


Unidentified gunmen opened fire on Coptic Christians attending a wedding at St Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church in the Warraq district of Giza, Egypt on Sunday 20 October

There have been reports of many deaths and injuries.
The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) condemns this attack – the latest in a growing list of unprovoked attacks against Egypt’s Coptic minority in recent years.
The ACM calls on the Egyptian Government under the interim leadership of President Adly Mansour to ensure that the perpetrators of this latest attack are held accountable.
The Egyptian Government, if sincere about protecting the rights of Egypt’s Copts and resisting Islamist terrorism, must open an enquiry into all sectarian attacks against Coptic Christians throughout the Nation.  The lack of prosecutions from previous attacks on Copts has resulted in a climate of impunity.  The ACM fears these heinous crimes will only continue to become more frequent in the absence of real legal and judicial punishment.
The Australian Coptic Movement Association, Sydney Australia.


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