SPECIAL EVENT AT St Shenouda Monastery 5 October 2013


HG Bishop Anba Daniel and the fathers of St Shenouda Monastery along with HG Bishop Antonios-Marcos

We welcome you to come and share in the ordination of Brothers Michael (Wagdi Soliman) and Paula (Magdi Ikladyous) into Monastic life at 9am on Saturday 5 October 2013 at St Shenouda Monastery in Sydney. They have successfully completed their Monastic candidacy in Saints Mark & Samuel the Confessor Monastery in South Africa. After the ordination, they will return to their South African Monastery, which, God willing, shall be canonized in the near future by the Coptic Holy Synod.

We wish them all the success, through God’s grace, and congratulate H G Bishop Antonius Markos – the Monastery Abbot, Fr Takla El Samuely- Responsible Monk Priest, the African Clergy, and the Coptic Orthodox Congregations in Africa and around the globe.


8419 Putty Rd,

Putty, NSW, 2330

Enquiries: HG Bishop Anba Daniel  bishopanbadaniel@gmail.com


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