Coptic Family in Banha threatened with eviction.

Coptic family to be evicted

Coptic Family in Banha threatened with eviction. State Security ignores their complaints.

The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) has received an urgent request for assistance from a Coptic Family in the city of Banha which is 30 km north of Cairo. Banha is the main city of The Qalyubia province.


The family of Mansour Makram have been living under constant threat of attack by a group of local Muslims who have warned them to leave their property despite Mansour taking ownership of the property since 27 December 2012.


Despite threats Mansour has refused to leave his property but those seeking to evict Mansour have now falsely accused him of wanting to build a church on the property and as a result the matter was referred to state security who failed to intervene. As a result of the in- action, Mansour has now been threatened with the lives of his entire family if he does not leave his property immediately.


Mansour has written several letters requesting urgent intervention to many leaders in Egypt and no one has responded to his pleas.


In Mansour’s case those threatening the family with violence are known to police and no action has been taken leaving Mansour  and his family vulnerable to attack. Those threatening the family include Mr. Said Hegazy El Arabi, Mr. Saleh Hegazy El Arabi and others.


We will be contacting the Egyptian Consulate in Sydney and other contacts in Egypt to intervene in this case and to ensure that those who forcibly evict Copts from their properties are held accountable for these crimes. There has been an alarming escalation of forced evictions of Coptic Christian families in various parts of Egypt in the last few years including Ameriya (Alexandria), Dahshour (Giza) and Rafah (Sinai) and in all these events no one was held accountable for the forced evictions and attacks on Copts in these districts.


The Australian Coptic Movement Association

Sydney, Australia



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