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I am not listening

I find the United States so cute. Now I know most people find puppies, baby chicks or chuckling babies cute- but no. I find the United States so adorable.

Just yesterday I watched an American spokeswoman say that the United States is going to study the draft Egyptian Constitution and then announce if they agree. They actually think Egyptians care what America thinks of our own domestic laws- is that not the cutest thing you’ve ever heard? Prey tell, in the previous Constitution that was predominately written by the Muslim Brotherhood, which apparently met the approval of the United States, did you approve of all Sharia law, which in effect would lower the legal age to marry for girls in Egypt from 16 years old to 9 years old?


The problem with me caring what the United States think is that whenever they talk, all I hear is “Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy. Hypocrisy.” Take for example the constant attacks by the US and UK politicians and journalists, against Egypt’s new protest laws. The new laws state that protestors must get permission before protesting. I find this particularly amusing, as in both countries, indeed, all countries around the world, giving notice and being granted permission to protest is an accepted part of the law. How much more so for Egypt, currently going through a turbulent period, with protests turning violent? Which country in the world allows angry people to congregate wherever they want, obstructing traffic and possibly causing havoc to passers by? Apparently for Egypt to be accepted as ‘democratic’ by these democratically advanced countries, then this is what needs to happen. They themselves though, would never allow it.


Let’s compare this with the UK laws, which I have never heard America complain about. Section 11 of the Public Order Act (UK) requires notice of protest. Sections 12 and 14 give police power to impose conditions on the protest and section 13 allows them to ban the protest outright, with all three sections especially applicable for circumstances leading to serious public disorder, serious damage to property, serious disruptions or intimidation to others. How undemocratic.


America on the other hand, has enshrined the freedom of public demonstrations in their Constitution. How beautiful! Yet, shockingly, they also have laws that change from city to city, with most cities demanding applications for permits, the rest for certain types of protests and every single city applying rules to be followed during the protest. It’s not a free for all. How undemocratic.


Moreover, The Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act 2011, passed by my good friend Barack Obama, also prohibits demonstrations around government buildings or government officials, which by the way, some law scholars have questioned as un-Constitutional.


Maybe Egypt should look at the subsequent Bills to pass in the US so we can say if we agree or disagree with them, because I wouldn’t have let that one through.

But back to the issue at hand, Egypt’s unbelievably tyrannous anti-protest laws.

The voice of anger reached a climax when some Muslim Brotherhood girls were arrested for protesting and the governments and human rights groups called out to allow these angels to “protest with their balloons” as the media reported they were doing. I love balloons. In fact, I loved the image so much of one angel with her balloon, that I have included it in this article, as I think it encapsulates how I feel about American hypocrisy.

What would you do if this was in your country?


However, governments and journalists are not alone in their hypocrisy. I have been following with interest Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and various human rights groups who have been calling on the immediate release of my favourite- and everybody’s favourite- ex President, Morsi and his aides. http://www.skynews.com.au/world/article.aspx?id=929870

I read one particular article with much confusion. I even checked the date because I thought, surely this was written straight after Morsi’s arrest. But no. 2nd of December.

Now, I don’t know if this means that I have superpowers or friends in high places, or perhaps, I don’t know, maybe I just follow Egyptian news, but Morsi is being held at Borg el Arab (Arab Tower). Not only has he been allowed visitors, but some have included EU’s top diplomat, Baroness Catherine Ashton, who I’m sure we will all be relieved to know, also announced that his fridge was full and is eating well. Phew.

As for not allowing him Internet access, he has regular access to the news and I am pretty sure he is not allowed internet access because when he was allowed to talk to his lawyer, he released an inflammatory statement to his followers that reignited violent protests across the country. Finally, how is it that he does not know what he was charged with, when he has had his preliminary court hearing? Was he not listening?

Because I don’t think he’s alone in not listening.

You are not listening.


These Human Rights groups are up in arms trying to release the Muslim Brotherhood leaders, when the Muslim Brotherhood has slaughtered innocent Egyptians all over the country.


When the Muslim Brotherhood take young boys who oppose them politically, throw them from the roof of a tall building and then behead them, and you ask for their leaders’ release- you are not listening.


When the Muslim Brotherhood storms police stations and kills every human alive in the building and then mutilates the corpses, and you ask for their leaders’ release- you are not listening.

When the Muslim Brotherhood force unarmed soldiers returning home out of their cars, handcuff them, then shoot them at point blank range and you ask for their leaders’ release- you are not listening.


When the Muslim Brotherhood shoot at Churches during weddings so they can kill the maximum amount of Christians, including innocent little girls whose only crimes being Christian and a young Muslim man attending that wedding dies of his injuries, and you ask for their leaders’ release- you are not listening.


When the Muslim Brotherhood terrorise innocent Christians around the country, subjugating the village of Minya, terrorising all of the Christians there and you ask for their leaders’ release- you are not listening.


When the Muslim Brotherhood kidnap innocent 14 year old Abanoub -who has done nothing wrong other than being Christian- and he is later found handcuffed and beheaded, and you ask for their leaders’ release- you are not listening!


When were you demanding for any of their human rights? Who is demanding the rights of the massacred innocents across the country? Go find out who are Mohammad Mabrook, Nabil Farag and Ahmed Samir and what happened to them.


You are demanding the release of criminals who have not only destroyed the country but spilled innocent blood and go ask for release of Guantanamo Bay inmates who are chained, drugged and subjected to unspeakable tortures and who definitely have not been charged or had a trial in court!


You ask for the release of Morsi who is being charged with espionage? Go demand the US to cease their global game of Tag with Snowden.


How dare you demand Muslim Brotherhood leaders’ release? I am offended and disgusted that you are stealing the human rights owed to these victims as if their lives were insignificant and not worthy of the pursuit of justice. Their blood, spilt on the streets, cries out for Justice and you are impeding it crying out for their leaders’ immediate release?! Release them to the parents and children of these innocent victims who can never see their loved ones again because of the people you are trying to release. Let them attain their own Justice since you refuse for the Courts to grant them it.


You don’t like my Constitution or laws or court system? Well, I don’t like your attitude to human lives that you have deemed as insignificant and not worthy of Justice.


Keep talking and demanding, because like you, I am not listening.

Suzy Hanna is member of The Australian Coptic Movement Association working within the media and public relations area. With a Bachelor in Law/Arts, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Bachelor in Arts (Honours), Bachelor in Secondary Teaching and Certificate in Theology, Suzy’s education and personal interest in sociological affairs of Copts and Egypt has seen her on the front lines of elevating the Coptic Cause. Suzy has fronted an array of media outlets including SBS, Sky News, and local and independent media.
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  1. Southern Ross says:

    Well written. The truth about the muslim brotherhood and their backers and the insidiousness of the driving force behind it – islam – is getting out to the wider Australian community as it should. But not quite fast enough.

    What is happening to Christians across the Middle East is abhorrent yet the UN sits on its fingers and does nothing. Muslims are well know for their anti-Semitic attitudes but now we’re seeing that adherents of this most intolerant politico/religious philosophy actively persecute Christians.

    Some of the stories and video coming out of such places as Syria and Egypt are absolutely sickening and make it quite clear what the root cause of this problem is. Islam itself. Where are the hordes of muslims on the streets in protest against the barbarity? Where are the websites? They are complicit in their silence.

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