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The Journey from Jerusalem to Golgotha


Every year the Coptic Church celebrates the remembrance of the Lord’s Passion and Crucifixion, and lives the week of the Holy Pascha. Passion Week, in our Church which lives by the Spirit, is a time in which the soul enters deeply into the Passion of our Good Saviour.  

What Next for Egypt?


General Sisi recently announced his candidacy for President at a critical time in Egypt’s modern history. His election is a foregone conclusion. It is apt to look back at how Egypt has reached this stage and what we can learn from the last turbulent three years.  

The Pope, The Pop Star and The Emerging Coptic Diaspora.

Coptic Pope Tawadros

As people question the role of the church in religion, society and politics, Peter Tadros explores the idea of having a Coptic Political Party as well as His Holiness Pope Tawadros II involvement in the current political climate.  

ACM condemns Lynching of Coptic Woman by Muslim Brotherhood


1 April 2014 The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) condemns in the strongest possible terms the recent brutal murder of Mary Sameh George by Islamists in Ain Shams, Egypt.  

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