A group of Assyrian youth are organising a prayer rally on Saturday 12 July in Sydney and are calling for Christians to unite.

Throughout the Middle East, the birthplace of Christianity, Christians are facing pervasive and systematic persecution that is steadily increasing in its intensity and scope.

A Human Rights group has reported that in 2013 alone, 207 churches have been attacked and 43 churches completely destroyed & claim that 100,000 Christians in the Middle East are killed each year.

If these warnings are not heeded, and these states continue to violate the basic human rights obligations incumbent upon them, Christian life may cease to exist in the very place of its birth.

Since the danger represented by terrorist groups such as ISIS in Iraq in this day & age, 5 Assyrians (Natalie Shinko, Ramy Jajo, Rita Bityou, Daniel Ilyaei & Delilah Shinko) got together with the idea that something needed to be done for their people and stand up for all Christians around the world & suggested a march.

This march is to emphasis the movement towards religious unity amongst Christian denominations & acknowledges that their unity in Christ outweighs their diversity in practice and beliefs & leading them to work, worship and dialogue together against terrorism and ethnic/religion cleansing in the Middle East.
Please come to the march & show your solidarity and compassion by praying for the Christians in the Middle East both privately and within your parish. The fleeing refugees in Iraq are in desperate need of your help right now. A donation of whatever you can afford will make a big difference to people whose lives have been turned upside down.

When: Saturday 12th July 2014
Where: Martin Square on Macquarie Street, off Martin Place.
Time: 12pm – 2pm
Visit the events Facebook page on : Christians Unite


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