Persecuted Christians: CUP Petition to Federal Parliament


It is estimated that about 80% of all religious persecution in the world is against Christians, Christians mainly in predominantly Muslim countries in the Middle East, Africa, the Indian sub-continent and Asia including SE Asia which is our neighbour. This is an appalling statistic and a shameful one to the Christian West which by and large is detached and silent on the issue. We have here a situation in which fellow human beings, people with whom we have an affinity through shared Christian values, are being subject to abuse, humiliation, torture, rape and murder. Christians Under Persecution (CUP) is encouraging all Australians to complete the petition below. Please return petition to PO Box 165 Whittlesea Vic 3757

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3 Responses to “Persecuted Christians: CUP Petition to Federal Parliament”

  1. sargon yousif says:

    Christian’s persecution in Iraq,

    • sargon yousif says:

      Christian’s persecution in Iraq we need USA and westren coutries help

  2. Paul says:

    Save the assyrian christians in Iraq!

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