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Suzy Hanna writes on her obsessions and the sinister obsession of others in the Middle East who are carrying out horrific crimes. Suzy opines that the ultimate responsibility regarding the crimes committed by ISIS lies with the West.

In my last article, I made a reference to my favourite television show, Game of Thrones. I am obsessed with it. I have never missed an episode. I bought all of the books. I listen to podcasts about it. I tried going to the exhibition that was held in Sydney, although I was very sick, at the time. I travelled for hours, got refused permission to line up because there were too many people, but was content in taking a photo with a sign that said ‘4 Hours from this point’. One day, I’m going to marry Kit Harrington, one of the lead actors on the show (although he doesn’t know this yet and that is probably another story for another article.) You can say I am passionate about it.

Somewhere in Iraq, a young man my age shares another passion. He gets as happy as I do, but watching something different. He gets happy severing the heads off of Christians.

Scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed, I see photographs and videos of bloodied heads decapitated from their bodies, at the hands of murderers revelling in blood. Sometimes they are clenching blood-drenched weapons in their fist. More times they are triumphantly clenching a severed head into the air. These are scenes from what is currently happening to Christians in Iraq by ISIS (or DAESH as they’re known in Arabic). These are the same group that I complained about in my last article, playing soccer with the heads of Syrian Christians. ISIS is leading a campaign of brutality, rape and beheading innocent victims throughout the Middle East in a systemic attempted genocide and the world is ignoring it.

You may have seen what resembles a one eyed smiley face on your Middle Eastern friends’ profile pictures. It is currently my Facebook profile picture. This is the Arabic letter for ‘N’. The semi derogatory term of Christians in Arabic is ‘Nasara’ and currently in Iraq, as you read this article, ISIS goes through and marks Christians’ homes with the letter so that they know to go in and murder everyone in the house. (Months ago, Copts in Egypt suffered the same fate, with X’s marking their homes and businesses, so that the extremists would know which places to attack. Years ago, the Nazis marked the homes of Jews. Same stories, different countries.)

So as I am watching my favourite television show, somewhere in Iraq, there is a killer, feeling the same pleasure, derived from butchering heads off of bodies. The joy I get from listening to the music of the theme song is the same joy this murderer gets from hearing the screams of their victims as they desperately try to plea for their life, and the cries and sobs of their watching families as they watch their father/mother/child/husband/wife/sibling having their head sliced off. The excitement I get from looking at photographs of my favourite actors is the same excitement these killers get as they look at the butchered bodies bathed in blood, with their heads resting on their chests, rivers of blood streaming by the mutilated bodies. And the most confusing part is that no one seems to care.

Recently, United States Secretary of State John Kerry refused American responsibility for the degradation of the Iraqi situation.  That’s okay, I understand his point because as a child, I used to also do the same when my mother asked who messed up my room – even when I was the only one to enter it.

I have said it before and I am saying it again. I blame no one but the American government and all of the Western governments who have followed them into the financing and training of ISIS. This barbaric militant group has the backing and financing of the Superpower, America being arguably the leading government in the world. So of course, the Western allies and puppy dog mainstream media outlets are following them and no one is questioning this. The government is not legitimate. They lose this legitimacy when special interest groups use them as a vehicle for the financing and training of another illegitimate group of murderers. There is something very wrong with this picture.

Christians are being slaughtered in Syria and Iraq at the hands of savages who are financed and trained by the American government! Originally financed and trained by America to oppose the Syrian government, ISIS altered the agreement and left Syria where they were losing and went on to attack the destabilised and vulnerable Iraq. (I wonder who destabilised it, because apparently it wasn’t America.) And what have I heard from the way of fury from America? Fury when they seized the oil refineries. Rage when they stole American tanks. (Which I never understood anyway, since they financed and trained them. Be grateful they saved you the transaction time and cost, those American tanks were going to ISIS anyway, right?) Condemnation at the imminent destruction of historical artefacts. (Again, reflections of the Egyptian scenario.) Where is the American rage at the slaughtering of human lives? Where is the Western fury at the destruction of families? Moreover, ISIS has not been attacking Christians only. They have attacked innocent Muslims, Sunni Muslims and members of the Iraqi army.  I watched in horror as they lined Iraqi soldiers on their knees and randomly executed the petrified men as they watched, waiting their turn. But they didn’t go in order down the line, to add to the men’s pure horror and anticipatory terror. Yes, ISIS are twisted when it comes to ferocity and the world is turning its face away, either willingly ignorant or simply oblivious to facts.

I know there is a general hatred by the West for Christianity. I see Christians attacked constantly by the Western media for its alleged individual crimes in history.

What about crimes against Christians this very second? Why do we teach our children about the Holocaust and other genocides but turn our faces to genocides happening right now? How often have we heard judgment passed on the world in ignoring atrocities in history, but where is this condemnation towards ourselves for what we are ignoring? We constantly ask, how could our grandparents watch silently as genocides were taking place right before their eyes, but I’m asking how are you doing anything different today? Don’t ever pass judgment on the world ignoring the Nazi atrocities when you are ignoring atrocities that you are financing.

According to ISIS, I am a ‘Nasara’ deserving of death and if I was in Iraq, my home would be under an ominous ‘N’ sign. Somewhere in Iraq, a woman of my description is living this reality for committing no crime at all, except that she is Christian. Is this the world that you want to live in and the actions that you want to finance?

Suzy Hanna is member of The Australian Coptic Movement Association working within the media and public relations area. With a Bachelor in Law/Arts, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Bachelor in Arts (Honours), Bachelor in Secondary Teaching and Certificate in Theology, Suzy’s education and personal interest in sociological affairs of Copts and Egypt has seen her on the front lines of elevating the Coptic Cause. Suzy has fronted an array of media outlets including SBS, Sky News, and local and independent media.
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