Coptic students raise $1000 for Iraq’s refugees

St Mary Coptic Students fundraising

Coptic Students at the St Mary and St Mina Coptic Orthodox College at Bexley, Sydney have been digging in deep to assist the victim of genocide in Iraq. This is in addition to the $12,000+ raised by The Australian Coptic Movement Association in recent days.

With all the suffering that Christians and other minorities have been experiencing due to ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Mrs Nicola, the Legal and Business Studies Teacher at St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic College, as well as the head of the School Social Welfare Group; felt compelled to fill in her students about what was happening around the world.

So during each prayer time, Mrs Nicola showed videos to her students of Yizidi’s stuck on Mount Sinjar, Christian homes marked with the Arabic letter ‘noon’, read them articles about the mass exodus and genocide of Christians in Mosul and other cities in Iraq and Syria, and the sheer desperate situation that Christians were in.

After a few sessions, students felt compelled to do something for their brothers and sisters in Iraq. So on Thursday 15th August, students sold sorbet smoothies, to try and “smooth out” a better path for Christians in Iraq.

With approximately only 150 students in the high school campus, students raised $850!

However titis wasn’t from just smoothie sales, students were approaching Mrs Nicola with $50s, $100s, and even $200 at a time, wanting to give it to Christians in Iraq.

Feeling overwhelmed by students’ generosity, Mrs Nicola was even more surprised, when another student handed her $150 the next day to take the final total to $1000!

Truly this is what the Lord has asked us to do, and feel for those who are less fortunate, feed the hungry, cloth the homeless and visit the imprisoned.

Mrs Nicola is both proud and humbled by the generosity of her students, and will continue more initiatives with her Social Welfare Group, in order to raise well educated but also empathetic Australian Christian students in our society.

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