The Coptic Church in Sydney issues statement on suspicious fire that engulfed the Coptic Diocese building at Bexley, Sydney.


We were notified of a concerning incident that occurred at the Coptic Orthodox Diocese headquarters in Bexley this morning. The following statement was issued at approximately 6.30pm. Thankfully there were no physical losses or injuries reported. We look forward to the results of the police investigation.

In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit one god amen.

Media Release

On Sunday the second of Nassi year 1730 year of Martyrs, the seventh of September 2014.

During the morning period while the diocese was vacant a fire started in the left side of the building causing extensive damage to the building.

The authorities, police and fire brigade attended and put out the fire. A forensic investigation was launched and is currently open.

The diocese would like to reassure everyone that all the fathers are safe and all documents have been preserved.

“All things work for good and those who love the Lord”

V. Rev Fr Tadros Simon
The General Vicar – Coptic Orthodox Church
Diocese of Sydney and Affiliated Regions.

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