ACM stands by top-cop Nick Kaldas

Nick Kaldas

The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) stands by Deputy Commissioner Nick Kaldas and calls on the State Government of New South Wales to put an end to this farce. 

Nick Kaldas, Deputy Commissioner of NSW South Wales Police, is a man of integrity, supported by a proven track record of experience and dedication both at home and abroad. Mr. Kaldas has finally spoken out about the anguish stemming from flagrant breaches of his (and his family’s) privacy by Internal Affairs 10 years ago; and the unfair treatment by NSW Ombudsman Bruce Barbour, whose two-year investigation into the long-running bugging scandal has been conducted in a manner that Mr Kaldas has likened to inquests of the McCarthy era.

In Mr Kaldas’ own words regarding an interview with Mr Barbour on September 5, 2014:

“I attended to face an onslaught, a concerted attack on my integrity and credibility, an enormous amount of material was put to me and yet again my emails phone records, diary, notebooks etc were invaded and quoted to me.”
“Yet again my privacy has been utterly invaded with operation prospect where my diaries, my notebooks, my emails my phone records have all been seized by the Ombudsman and yet again the justification for this invasion of privacy is completely out of proportion to what is alleged,” he told the inquiry.
“We the police could not treat criminals this way and neither should we.”

The Australian Coptic Movement Association applauds Mr Kaldas’ courage and resolve to speak out against the NSW Ombudsman’s grave mistreatment of an investigation which has continued over the last two years and has unfairly targeted over 100 police officers and civilians.

In these times, more than ever, we need good, honest and dedicated policemen like Mr Kaldas serving and protecting our State.

We call on the State Government of NSW and members of the Parliamentary Inquiry to put an end to this farce and to do all within their power to ensure Mr Kaldas can get back to doing his job. In the words of Mr Kaldas, it is time to “finally air the truth and right the wrongs. Nothing else will restore confidence in our system”.

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