Like beheadings are now an everyday thing!

Cartoon C.Kelly

We felt that Mary Nicola’s recent social media rant was worthy of re-publishing to a broader audience. The fact that the Islamic State is able to run over cities with such ease should be deeply concerning. 

I think this cartoon, puts the cherry on the cake on exactly how I feel right now about the world and its lack of action and priority to the threat and disease that ISIS is on the world and Christians.

Yesterday in particular, I saw just how hard-hearted our world had become…
On yesterday’s channel 10 news, the news anchorman started the story with the line “and ISIS has started street beheadings AGAIN on the streets of Palmyra”….

I didn’t need to listen to the rest of the story, because the tag line to the story stunned me!
I thought to myself, this guy just read a line like that, like it was normal, without a shake in his voice or a mere expression of concern on his face… It was just another story, to him, to the U.S., to the world! Just another story!
He didn’t even emphasis the word AGAIN… Like beheadings are now an everyday thing!

When the horrors of the Holocaust where discovered after the end of WWII, the world said they didn’t know what was fully happening at the time and that’s why they didn’t step in sooner to stop Hitler. One can only give them the benefit of the double that without our technology and instant information like today, maybe they really couldn’t fathom the extent of the horror.

But what’s the worlds excuse today?
The news story was “beheadings start again”! So we know they’re happening, we can see they’re happening, and they’re happening again and again, yet we wait and do nothing.

Kidnappings, forced conversions, sex slavery, executions, burnings… Unspeakable horrors and happening… AGAIN, and yet we watch, and report about it just like a fiction story, thinking that when we switch channels or close the telly the problem will go away!

We have no excuse today, non other than selfishness and financial priorities.

Jesus was right when he said, the world will look on those doing the wrong thing and applaud them!

Oh to think we have progressed to this in the 21st century!

Mary Nicola is a teacher and human rights advocate. 

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One Response to “Like beheadings are now an everyday thing!”

  1. Tracy Holliday says:

    yes it is the same for Africa, no reporting on what is happening constantly October 2nd, no news of the 10 people dead after Boko harem strapped bombs to teenage girls and use them as military equipment, to kill as many as they can, 14 years old , too young to know, media reported nothing, while Obama took to the Podium to berate yet again the Public about guns and the loss of life, but not one word condenming the loss of life In Nigeria, and Africa it’self, many christian”s killed, no tears does he shed.

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