Coptic families evicted from village over Facebook posts


Scores of Coptic owned homes and crops have been destroyed following mob violence by extremists in a village near Beni Sweif, south of Cairo. 

Coptic families have come under attack in the village of Kafr Darwish in al-Fashn, Beni Sweif, south of Cairo following alleged Facebook posts deemed offensive to Muslims. Watani news reports that the accused actually lives in Jordan and is illiterate.

Mob violence directed against Coptic families living in the village of Kafr Darwish resulted in at least 10 houses torched following sustained attacks.

Regrettably, a ‘reconciliation session’ was held by the local elders, security personnel from Fashn Police and Clergy and it was decided that the entire Youssef family should leave the village as the police cannot guarantee their safety.

The forced eviction of the entire family did not achieve much success as further attacks against Coptic owned properties were reported in the following days including uprooting of crops.

We are deeply concerned regarding the spike in sectarian attacks on Copts in recent years following alleged online activities.

There can be no justification for mob violence and we reject the notion of holding ‘reconciliation sessions’ following such attacks.  The rule of law should be applied and all perpetrators of mob violence should be apprehended, charged and sentenced accordingly. Copts should never be forced to leave their villages and should be afforded protection by the police.

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