Coptic New Year Statement

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The Australian Coptic Movement Association would like to wish Coptic Christians across the world a happy Coptic New Year.

The Coptic New Year is a significant cultural event for Coptic Christians. It is a continuation of the oldest calendar that was created by the Ancient Egyptians. This ancient calendar was based on the flooding of the River Nile. That calendar was reset to honour the sacrifices of our ancestors which were necessary to preserve our faith – a beautiful faith that is built on love, compassion, mercy, tolerance, repentance and forgiveness.

Each Coptic New Year, we commemorate the heroism and courage of our forefathers. Earlier this year, we were reminded of what our forefathers endured when 21 Coptic Christians were martyred in Libya. We pray that senseless violence and destruction ceases and take comfort in the fact that in our trials and tribulations, God is with us. No matter how difficult the moment, we shall overcome because Christ said that He has overcome the world and that the gates of Hades shall not prevail against the foundation of our Church.

We conclude by saying that we wish you a blessed Coptic New Year.

Australian Coptic Movement Association.

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