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Online Poll regarding the demolition of Australia’s first Coptic Church


We have created this online poll to create awareness and send a strong message against the demolition of Australia’s first Coptic Church at Sydenham. We have received multiple enquiries since the recent media report announcing plans by Marrickville City Council to demolish Australia’s first Coptic Orthodox Church established in 1968.

Saving Australia’s first Coptic Church from demolition

Sydenham black and white

We seek your opinion as to whether or not you believe the premises at Sydenham is worth keeping and maintaining in light of the high costs involved in renovations ($2.3 Million according to Marrickville City Council)

Commemoration of the fourth anniversary of Maspero

Maspero image

Today we remember the 4th anniversary of this great crime, the martyrs, the injured and their families. It is a painful anniversary for up to 500 people who were injured and the families of the 27 Coptic Christians (all males) who were massacred. We will never forget the Maspero Massacre and we hope that this […]

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