Suzy Hanna: “You insult me by belittling the murder of my people as an act of rebellion”

Suzy Hanna

Opinion by Suzy Hanna 

Iyaz once sang about a girl that is running around in his head; like his Ipod is stuck on replay. You know what else is like an Ipod stuck on replay?

After every terrorist attack, the media bombards us with the reiteration that terrorists are just people who didn’t get enough love.
Terrorists are innocent minorities who have been mistreated by the West. When they are still living in their countries of origin, their terrorism is retaliating against Western intervention in their countries. When they live in the West, their terrorism is because they grew up alienated in a foreign culture.

In every case, they were simply rebelling against society. Yeah… No. You insult me by belittling the murder of my people as an act of “rebellion”.

As a person from a minority that not only does not carry out terrorist attacks, but rather has terrorist attacks carried out against us, I find these apologists demeaning. As a person from a minority group that currently has an attempted genocide against them by the people you are excusing, I will not be accepting of your excuses.

A video was recently released encouraging “believers” to kill people of my race wherever they find us… so please accept my apology for not finding a misunderstood terrorist and asking him to recline on a sofa as I hand him milk and cookies listening to his issues in life.

You know who actually couldn’t find jobs? The 21 Coptic men who left their country to work menial jobs in Libya, only to be slaughtered for their efforts. Their death was made into a video to warn the rest of my race of our fate, with Hollywood styled camera shots and angles, editing and sound of such high quality that it can be taught in Film Schools. They were taken and forced to walk the same path several times so that the director can do fade-out and cutaway shots of the victims walking to their deaths, from taking the shots from different angles.
The innocent men then had their heads cut off with blunt knives.
Their crime was that they were the same race as me.

So excuse me if I’m not as understanding of your excuse that terrorists carry out terrorist attacks because they “cannot find jobs.”

Discrimination is a reason that people carry out acts of violence? Please tell that to the Copts in Egypt that seemed to have missed that memo as they deal with discrimination in every aspect of their life. From young children being told to come back and trial for successful Soccer clubs “when your name is no longer George” to mobs attacking Christians because of an alleged relationship between a Christian and a Muslim and to videos by DAESH calling on “believers” to kill you wherever they find you. (I refuse to call them ISIS- you started with the name DAESH, you will remain with your name as DAESH and you most certainly will not appropriate an Ancient Egyptian goddess and tarnish her name with your violence).

Do you think that Western intervention that has airstrikes and bombing only targets the Muslims in that country? Does the bomb falling on Syria or Iraq stop and ask what religion the person is before exploding? The Western intervention (which for the record I have spoken against vehemently) affects all Middle Easterners, but yet only a minority of people respond by killing innocents.

As for growing up alienated in society, look through the history of any Western country that is founded on immigration. I do not know of regular instances of terrorism in response to “not fitting in.” Spare me.

I read an article yesterday about a play in Sweden that is sympathetic towards and aims to humanize ISIS. Apparently, since they dehumanize their victims, we being better, need to humanize them.
I honestly don’t even know where to begin with this.
On behalf of all of the families of victims of terrorism, let’s start with a big Screw You.

How dare you try and sympathise with people who have made it so that in 2016, a Christian is killed for their faith every 6 minutes? And this was down from the previous year.

Imagine a play that aims to sympathise with Nazis. In their attempted Genocide against the Jews, Nazis dehumanised their victims as they placed them like cattle in droves, naked into gas chambers. Where’s your sympathetic play for the criminals that did that?

Why is the attempted genocide of Jews met with condemnation- the very use of the Nazi’s appropriated symbols considered hate speech- yet the attempted genocide of Copts is met with pity, sympathy and tolerance? With theatre that attempts to sensitize the audience towards the atrocities towards us? Where is the equivalent for genocides across history?

The irony here is that Islamic Middle Eastern countries are the ones fighting terrorism and clinging on to the last hope for secular governments. Western mainstream media tells us how evil the “military coup” in Egypt is or how evil the “murderous butcher” Assad is but neglect the fact that these governments are doing their best to protect their citizens by fighting terrorists while the West makes plays trying to humanize and understand them!

Your excuses are insulting to every Copt and every victim of terrorism. Every person who is from a minority group affected by terrorism finds your justification for terrorism as support and nothing short of unacceptable and disgusting. I’m switching that Ipod off.

Suzy Hanna has obtained a Bachelor in Law/Arts, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Bachelor in Arts (Honours) and Bachelor in Secondary Teaching, Suzy’s education and personal interest in sociological affairs of Copts and Egypt has seen her on the front lines of elevating the Coptic Cause. Suzy has fronted an array of media outlets including SBS Broadcasting and Sky. You can follow Suzy on twitter at this handle @SuzyHanna1 

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