Australian Coptic Movement condemns barbaric attacks on Coptic Christians in Minya.

Minya funerals

Yet again, we write with a heavy heart as we witness heart wrenching images on social media of young children and defenceless Copts being buried in mass funerals. The death toll is said to be at 35 or higher. 

The Australian Coptic Movement condemns in the strongest terms the barbaric attack in Minya, Upper Egypt, which claimed the lives of innocent individuals, including children, who were on their way to visit a Coptic monastery. This is another vile, cruel and cowardly attack that has demonstrated on the part of those responsible a callous disregard for the sanctity of life. It has sent shockwaves throughout the Coptic diaspora only weeks after two Coptic churches were bombed on Palm Sunday in Egypt.

Our community is in mourning and we are aware that all Egyptians and other people of conscience and goodwill join in our sorrow.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association notes the Egyptian President’s message and the Egyptian government’s response. We strongly urge the Egyptian government to undertake all necessary and proportionate measures in response to this terrorist attack. We emphasise that it is essential to send an unequivocal message that those who plan to orchestrate and carry out such atrocities will not be permitted to slaughter innocent and defenceless people with impunity.

It is incumbent upon the Egyptian government to fulfil its fundamental responsibility of protecting its own nationals. We repeat that euphonious rhetoric must be accompanied by concrete action; Egyptians are entitled to feel safe and secure in their homeland.

We also extend our gratitude to those who have sent messages of support.

The Australian Coptic Movement Association

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