Suzy Hanna disrupts the ‘National Unity’

Suzy Hanna

Suzy is a little angry following comments criticising her position on the bigger issues facing Copts in Egypt. Visit our Facebook page to view Suzy’s video for more.  

Yesterday, I read an article for RT (Russia Today) about the alleged reports of Coptic Church offering “treatment” for homosexuals in Egypt. I posted a comment saying, “Really RT? Coptic churches in Egypt are closed every day by extremists with police looking on and Copts are persecuted and killed and this is the one thing you choose to report on? I’m beyond disappointed.” I left for a few hours, then came back to a barrage of abuse which escalated and continued well into this morning. The main theme was that I am a liar trying to disrupt “national unity” and that Copts do not face discrimination nor persecution.

I made a video as a more lengthy response, with accumulated viewings on more than one share reaching 3, 000 views in less than 12 hours.

One lady commented asking, “Who is she?”

I replied, “I am an angry Copt.”

I have had enough of the persecution of my people and watching in silence. This reemergence of “don’t speak about Coptic persecution because it disrupts national unity” is one of the most detrimental ideologies of modern times. Egyptians want to be ostriches and bury their head in the sand rather than face that there is an ingrained sectarian problem in Egypt.

Worse, they feel that every critique of Egypt is an attack from a place of hate and a desire to demolish. They equate a call for rights as an invitation to foreign powers to invade and feel that anyone who asks for reform wants Egypt to become divided like Iraq, Syria or Libya.

How can that be when I don’t even want Iraq, Syria or Libya to be that?

Let me be clear.

I have never, do not and I will never advocate any foreign military intervention in any country, let alone Egypt. I have written a journal article and presented in a conference at university about the importance of state sovereignty! I have been careful not to write articles nor make videos during the most turbulent times of Coptic persecution such as the Palm Sunday bombings and attempted assassination on my Pope, so as to not inadvertently allow people who do want to use the Coptic cause for foreign intervention.

Asking for the legal and constitutional rights of Copts is not sectarianism and if you see that as sectarianism, the problem is in you, not me. Asking for reform in different areas of Egyptian society such as education to allow the ingrained sectarianism in Egypt to cease is not the problem.

Muslims such as Fatima Naoot and Mohammad Abu Hamed who have fought tirelessly for Coptic rights have been rewarded with jail sentences for the crime of inciting sectarianism. And people wonder why the Angry Australian Copt is talking instead?

I thought for minutes about stopping. I thought, what is the point?

But I woke up this morning to a message in my inbox by a gentleman who thanked me for speaking out and giving Copts a voice. He said his has been taken away and that he didn’t even think anyone cared, let alone was willing to speak out for him.

So here I am with a renewed vow.

The people on the RT comment who said to me, go back to Australia and fight for the rights of Australian Aborigines and leave the united Egyptians alone.

Ok, here’s the deal.

When in Egypt you start formal gatherings with Acknowledgment of the Traditional Owners of Country- the Copts- then I will stop asking for Coptic rights.

Suzy Hanna is a regular contributor. Suzy’s background, education and personal interest in Human Rights and Politics have seen her on the front lines of elevating her passions. Suzy has fronted an array of media outlets including SBS Broadcasting and Sky and presented papers at University. 



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