Potential Career Paths for HSC graduates

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Students in New South Wales commence their HSC exams today. The end of school brings new freedoms and responsibilities. Best of luck to all students.  

Australia’s population is changing. The population is getting older, more females are in paid work, and the number of school aged children is growing. Demand is likely to grow for aged care, childcare, home based care, and education services.

Housing construction, investment in infrastructure (like roads, railways and airports), tourism activity and the international education sector are expected to stay strong.

The number and type of jobs available in the future will depend on things like;

*turnover (workers leaving their job to do things like study, move to another job, care for a family member, retire or travel)
*demand for goods and services
*demand for resources
*changes in technology
*Industry Outlook

Over the 5 years to 2022, the Australian Government expects the largest jobs growth will be in

*Health Care and Social Assistance
*Professional, Scientific and Technical Services

By 2022, there will probably be fewer jobs in

*Electricity, Gas, Water and Waste Services
*Agriculture, Forestry and Fishing

These are important industries and turnover will provide opportunities for workers with the right skills.
Some parts of these industries (like Food Product Manufacturing) are expected to grow.

The Government expects there will be many new jobs for Professionals, Community and Personal Service Workers.

Some of the jobs expected to grow the most are;

*Registered Nurses
*Aged and Disabled Carers

Some jobs need more training now than they used to (like Child Carers in day care centres), and most of the new jobs created over the next few years will be higher skilled. There are millions of lower skilled jobs and these can be rewarding careers or pathways to other jobs.

Employer needs can change quickly. Workers who are willing to learn, gain experience and build their skills will be well placed to find and keep a job.

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