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Vale Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


In Australia, we woke up in the morning with the sad news everyone is talking about; radio broadcasts, television news, colleagues at work, commuters in transport, shoppers at the bakery shop; FB and Twitter turned into a wall of tribute to the Queen, a wall stretching from Great Britain to far away lands in every […]

ACM pleads for Egyptian President Al Sisi’ Intervention to return Christian child to family

4 year old Shenouda

“Shenouda was seized from his adoptive parents by the police and sent to an orphanage where he was given a Muslim Arabic name, Yousif, and is being taught the Islamic religion after a new birth certificate was issued, stating that Shenouda, now Yousif, is a Muslim.” 

Australian Coptic Movement condemns violent attacks on Coptic Christians in Egypt

Nevine Group Photo

Sadly, we have witnessed a surge in attacks on Coptic Christians over the past month of Ramadan in Egypt including several killings, kidnapping, and assaults on women in public. 

Coptic New Year 2021

Coptic new year river egypt

We know most of our followers in Australia and New Zealand here are currently living under hardships due to the Covid related lockdowns. On the eve of our Coptic New Year, we ask that you remember Ramy and in his family in your prayers. The Coptic New Year is a continuation of the Ancient Egyptian Calendar […]

Egypt Govt remand Coptic Christian Activist Ramy Kamel and accuse him of joining a ‘terrorist group’.

Ramy Kamel has been held
in an Egyptian prison since 23 November 2019

“Remember the prisoners as if chained with them—those who are mistreated—since you yourselves are in the body also.” Hebrews 13:3. 

WARNING: Failure to report child sex abuse can result in 2-5 years prison

Sexual abuse image

Sally Zachary’s cry for help from Florida demonstrates that conservative and insular communities like the Coptic Orthodox communities are not immune to the horrors of sexual abuse. We welcome the response thus far from many priests and various Bishops in the USA and Europe who have come out and spoken out on the issue. We […]

Caretaker Bishop sends important message to the Coptic Community in Sydney

Bishop Tadros

His Eminence, Bishop Tadros is the Metropolitan Bishop for the City of Port Said in Egypt. Bishop Tadros is one of the most senior Bishops in the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church and very much well respected throughout the Coptic diaspora. Bishop Tadros was appointed as a ‘Papal delegate’ to oversee all the […]

“It is in Egypt’s (Government) best interest to respect freedom of speech by immediately releasing Ramy Kamel”

Ramy Kamel

The Australian Coptic Movement Association (ACM) expresses deep concern over the ongoing detention of Ramy Kamel, a Coptic human rights activist in Egypt being falsely accused of trumped up charges including: 1- Joining a terrorist organization 2- Funding a terrorist organization 3- Harming public peace and stirring public opinion against the state 4- Negatively using […]

ACM Coptic Community Sri Lanka appeal closes Friday 7 June 2019.

Sri Lanka image of Jesus

Thank you to those who have contributed to our appeal in response to the devasating Sri Lanka Easter Sunday bombings targeting Christians in Sri Lanka.  

Immediate Help is available for victims of Physical or Psychological abuse Call 131114

Domestic violence

We are all shocked by the recent media reports of the terrible murder of an Egyptian-Coptic mother of three in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.  Women and vulnerable children should seek assistance if they are in danger. Please call Lifeline on 131114 for immediate assistance. Our colleagues at the Australian Coptic Heritage and Community Services […]

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