List of MP’s and NGO’s that support saving the Coptic Church at Sydenham, Sydney.

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It is important that the Coptic Community and broader Australian public be well informed of the current politicians, NGO’s and community leaders that support ACHCS in its efforts to save this iconic site which has now become a place of pilgrimage for many members of the community.  It is our intention to ensure that all who support this cause during this critical period are openly acknowledged.  

Sydenham: The battle to save iconic Coptic Church reaches fiery climax.

Photo sydenham 8.5.17

It is now almost a week since the Coptic Community was rocked by reports of a deliberate fire at the historic St Mary and St Mina’s Coptic Orthodox Church at Sydenham.  A lot has happened since then.  Till today, no one knows who was responsible for the fire as focus shifts to saving the iconic church building from demolition.  

How do we respond to the Coptic Crisis in Egypt?

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Australian Coptic Movement Statement on Palm Sunday attacks in Egypt

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The Coptic Community around the world is once again mourning another devastating attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt. The death toll from the two bombings at St George (Tanta) and St Mark’s (Alexandria) is approaching 50 and hundreds more injured. We convey our sincere condolences to the hundreds of families affected by these heinous events and pray that the Lord Jesus Christ grants them comfort. 

National Trust commits to help save historic Coptic Church at Sydenham

National Trust NSW

The Australian Coptic Heritage and Community Services (ACHCS) organisation led by Miss Hanan Ghabour have forwarded the following letter from the National Trust’s, Mr Graham Quint. We have published it as we believe it is of great importance to the Coptic and Egyptian community Australia wide. The Australian Coptic Movement Association has also been assisting ACHCS and writing direct to government departments and the NSW Premier. We thank Graham Quint and the National Trust for their support.   

Urgent update on the status of Australia’s first Coptic Church at Sydenham


The Australian Coptic Heritage and Community Services (ACHCS)  team led by Miss Hanan Ghabour recently announced that the Inner West City Council (formerly Marrickville City Council) are considering demolishing the historic premises at Sydenham despite a community outcry and previous intervention from the former environment minister, Mr Mark Speakman MP.  

Suzy Hanna: “You insult me by belittling the murder of my people as an act of rebellion”

Suzy Hanna

Opinion by Suzy Hanna 

URGENT: Egyptian Government must act to protect Coptic Christians in North Sinai


It is clear the situation in North Sinai has become critically dangerous for the Christians remaining there. The Egyptian must take immediate action and ensure that Copts are afforded protection in North Sinai and across Egypt. 

Coptic Christians are still being forced to leave their homes

Prince Tadros Coptic Church

It has been six years since the January 2011 revolution and nothing much has changed on the ground for Coptic Christians despite the good relations between President Sisi and the Coptic Church leadership. It is deeply saddening that Coptic Christians are not only discriminated against but also forced to leave their homes after attacks.  Nader Shukry filed the following report for Watani Newspaper.   

Statement on Botrosiya Church Bombing near St Mark’s Cathedral, Cairo

Botrosiya image

Another cowardly attack on the Coptic Church and Community in Egypt. The death toll as at 16/02/2017 is 29. The media release below was sent out on the same day of the event. We have re-posted it again following a website glitch. 

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