Urgent update on the status of Australia’s first Coptic Church at Sydenham


The Australian Coptic Heritage and Community Services (ACHCS)  team led by Miss Hanan Ghabour recently announced that the Inner West City Council (formerly Marrickville City Council) are considering demolishing the historic premises at Sydenham despite a community outcry and previous intervention from the former environment minister, Mr Mark Speakman MP.  

Suzy Hanna: “You insult me by belittling the murder of my people as an act of rebellion”

Suzy Hanna

Opinion by Suzy Hanna 

URGENT: Egyptian Government must act to protect Coptic Christians in North Sinai


It is clear the situation in North Sinai has become critically dangerous for the Christians remaining there. The Egyptian must take immediate action and ensure that Copts are afforded protection in North Sinai and across Egypt. 

Coptic Christians are still being forced to leave their homes

Prince Tadros Coptic Church

It has been six years since the January 2011 revolution and nothing much has changed on the ground for Coptic Christians despite the good relations between President Sisi and the Coptic Church leadership. It is deeply saddening that Coptic Christians are not only discriminated against but also forced to leave their homes after attacks.  Nader Shukry filed the following report for Watani Newspaper.   

Statement on Botrosiya Church Bombing near St Mark’s Cathedral, Cairo

Botrosiya image

Another cowardly attack on the Coptic Church and Community in Egypt. The death toll as at 16/02/2017 is 29. The media release below was sent out on the same day of the event. We have re-posted it again following a website glitch. 

St Shenouda Monastery to hold historic event 16-17 July at Putty, NSW.


The Australian Coptic Movement Association congratulate HH Pope Tawadros II,  HG Bishop Anba Daniel, the monks of St. Shenouda Monastery and brothers Moussa and Bishoy on this blessed occasion. The consecration of brothers Moussa and Bishoy is unprecedented as it is the first time we witness this ancient tradition on Australian soil. A special delegation of Bishops will be participating in the event including HG Bishop Anba Suriel (Melbourne Diocese), HG Bishop Daniel (Sydney Diocese) , HG Bishop Yostos (St Anthony’s Monastery , Egypt) and HG Bishop Pimen of Nagada and Qous diocese.  We have published all relevant information below.  

Suzy Hanna: “I am not a Middle Aged Christian White man: I want a Voice”

Suzy Hanna

Suzy Hanna is member of The Australian Coptic Movement Association working with the media and public relations. With a Bachelor in Law/Arts, Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, Bachelor in Arts (Honours), Bachelor in Secondary Teaching and Certificate in Theology, Suzy’s education and personal interest in sociological affairs of Copts and Egypt has seen her on the front lines of advocating for Copts and Human Rights. Suzy has fronted an array of media outlets including SBS, Sky News, and local and independent media.  

Australian Coptic Movement condemns latest attack on Copts in Egypt. Calls for swift action.


ACM condemns the latest incident in Minya, Egypt, where a mob of roughly 300 individuals set several Coptic Christian homes ablaze and stripped a 70 years old Coptic Christian woman naked and paraded her around the streets in response to a rumour. 

NSW Parliament: Rev Hon Fred Nile speech on Coptic Persecution

Fred Nile speech Copts March 2016

The Rev. Hon Fred Nile MLC of The Christian Democratic Party has highlighted concerns regarding ongoing difficulties faced by Coptic Christians in Egypt despite a Coptic-Friendly president. Rev Nile recently celebrated his 35th year anniversary in NSW Parliament. The event was attended by many members of the Coptic Church and Coptic community. We thank Rev Nile for his ongoing support to our community including his involvement in saving the historic Coptic Church at Sydenham from demolition

Australian Coptic Movement: Turnball Govt and Australian Parliament must take action on ISIS Genocide

Libya beach

The Obama administration has finally acknowledged the current genocide in the Middle East by ISIL. We encourage the Australian Government to play a leading role in enforcing the Genocide conventions to ensure that those who have participated in massacres, rape and enslavement from Northern Iraq/Syria to North Africa and beyond are brought to justice.

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