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In Egypt, Christian-Muslim Tension Is On The Rise


Blackened rubble is all that is left of Abskharon Suleiman’s appliance store in the northern Egyptian village of Sharbat.    

Egyptian village expels Coptic families amid sectarian tensions


Eight Christian Coptic families have been evicted from their village in the coastal governorate of Alexandria after violence erupted last month amid rumors of an affair between a Coptic man and a Muslim woman.  

Two Coptic Priests Charged With ‘Incitement’ in Maspero Massacre


Two Coptic priests appeared yesterday before an investigations judge in connection with the events of the Maspero Massacre, in which 28 Copts were killed and 329 injured after being shot and run over by and military Armored Personnel Carriers.    

Egypt: A Year of Attacks on Free Expression


The climate for free expression in Egypt has worsened since Hosni Mubarak was ousted a year ago, Human Rights Watch said today.    

Muslim Council in Egypt Evicts 8 Christian Families, Seizes Their Property


Coptic homes set ablaze by Muslims in Ameriya.. National and international rights groups have consistently criticized the recourse to the so-called “reconciliation meetings” — dubbed “Bedouin sittings” — that take place between Copts and Muslim assailant after every attack on Copts.    

Selma on the Nile


Egypt’s Christians face Islamist lynch mobs    

Egypt’s Christians Celebrate Christmas Amid Fears

Mideast Egypt Christm_Higg

CAIRO — Egypt’s Christians celebrated Saturday their first Christmas after the ouster of President Hosni Mubarak, amid tight security and a display of national unity to allay fears of the growing power of Islamists.    

From The White House


Statement by the President on the Celebration of Coptic Christmas    

In Memory of Alexandria One Year On


A protest held in Sydney on the 19th of January, 2010 which was organized by the Australian Coptic Movement in outrage of the Nag Hammadi shootings.    

Egyptian Bishop Warns of Another Massacre in Nag Hammadi


Bishop Kyrillos, the Coptic Orthodox bishop of Nag Hammadi, received last week several threats of attacks to be carried out on churches in Nag Hammadi, either on New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve on January 6. “I do not want another Nag Hammadi Massacre to happen again,” he said in an interview on the Egyptian […]

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