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Egyptian Muslim Ring Uses Sexual Coercion to Convert Christian Girls: Report


The number of Christian girls abducted and coerced into converting to Islam since the Egyptian “January 25 Revolution” has skyrocketed, according to Father Filopateer Gamil of St. Mary’s Church in Giza. “More than two to three girls disappear everyday in Giza alone,” he said. “The cases that are brought to public attention are few compared […]

ACM Conference, Sydney – “The Coptic Revolution”


Following several protests,  vigils and political lobbying campaigns, the Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) hosted its first ever conference titled “the Coptic Revolution” on Saturday 9th July 2011 in Sydney.

A brave man in Sydney


Brave Cairo activist to speak in Sydney at fateful moment for ‘Arab Spring’

The Australian Coptic Movement Conference

COPTIC Revolution Poster

The Australian Coptic Movement is holding a conference on 9th July.

Conference – ” The Coptic Revolution ” Fr Mettias Nasr in Sydney

COPTIC Revolution Poster

The Coptic Revolution

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