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Australian politicians stand together in call to protect Copts


POLITICIANS of all shades gathered yesterday, united in their hope that the Arab Spring that brought freedom and liberty to swaths of the Middle East does not yield a winter of savagery and persecution for Egypt’s minority Copts.

Egypt: Don’t Cover Up Military Killing of Copt Protesters

Egyptian Christians clash with soldiers and riot police during a protest against an attack on a church in southern Egypt, in Cairo

Official Denials Suggest Investigation Will be Flawed    

Coptic Christians protest outside White House against violence in Egypt


Hoisting homemade wooden crosses and photographs of bodies they said were crushed by tanks, hundreds of Coptic Christians rallied Wednesday in front of the White House to protest rising violence against minority Christians in Egypt and to demand that the Obama administration pressure Cairo to protect their rights

Khaled is Mina, Mina is Khaled


Powerful political forces in Egypt have used the ‘sectarian card’ to divide the people and shift the blame.  

Coptics question new Egypt


Families joined hands in prayer Sunday for an evening of healing at a downtown Cairo church after a bloody week that left many Coptic Christians questioning their place in the new Egypt.

NSW State Legislative Councils calls to end Coptic Persecution in Egypt


The NSW Legislative Council has supported a motion recognising the ongoing persecution of the Coptic Christians in Egypt and calling on the Government to make immediate representations to the United Nations.    

Egypt military court ‘toying with life’ of jailed blogger

Amnesty International today urged Egypt’s military leadership to immediately and unconditionally release a jailed blogger after the military appeals court in Cairo ordered a retrial of his case.

Stand Up for Egypt’s Copts – Memorial Service


The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) in conjunction with the Coptic Orthodox Church,  Diocese of Sydney will be holding a Memorial Service –  “Stand Up for Egypt’s Copts”.    

Australia condemns Coptic persecution


Australia condemns Coptic persecution by Peter Day October 13, 2011    

Australian Parliament calls for an end to Coptic persecution in Egypt


 ACM STATEMENT – 13 OCTOBER 2011   Australian Parliament calls for an end to Coptic persecution in Egypt

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