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Vigil 4 Peace is a nationwide event being held to commemorate the young lives lost on October 9 2011 in Egypt when at least 29 young people were killed during a peaceful protest against persecution and the burning of the Coptic Churches.

To heal the wounds of our congregation, the Coptic Orthodox Church, Diocese of Melbourne, initiated the Vigil 4 Peace. Together, the congregation will flood Melbourne’s Federation Square in a sea of white symbolising the hope they will bring for the future of all Christians around the globe.
Under the guidance and direction of His Grace, Bishop Suriel, Head of the Diocese of Melbourne and Affiliated Regions, the Vigil 4 Peace will pray for all Christians and their plight of persecution.

With parallel celebrations in Adelaide, Perth, Tasmania, Canberra and New Zealand, the vigils will incorporate hymns, prayers and symbolic gestures to help Christians in our region show their solidarity for our brethren abroad.

In Sydney, The Australian Coptic Movement (ACM) will be organising a vigil on the same evening at the above address in the same spirit.

Together, may we end this ceaseless suffering and present new hope for all Christians.

Sydney Details:

Date: 4th November

Location: St Mary and St Mina Cathedral Bexley

Time: 8pm – 10pm



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